3 mistakes to avoid with the coffee machine with capsules or capsules

Coffee is the most widespread and most consumed beverage in the world. This drink originated in distant times and places, but in a very short time it has spread everywhere. These days there are many different blends of coffee, as well as many ways to drink it. We all know the difference between an American coffee, long drunk to take away in large glasses, and Italian coffee, concentrated in a small cup.

Even in Italy, as in all countries, there are people who have their own way of drinking coffee. This can be reduced, corrected, colored, decaffeinated, double. In addition, there are those who cannot give up the convenience of drinking it at the bar, those who do not give up preparing with mocha every morning and those who, on the other hand, have chosen to use the machine with pods or capsules.

However, for the quality of the drink, there are 3 mistakes to avoid with the coffee machine with pods or capsules. Often the ease is made by not paying attention to its maintenance or to small steps to take. The result is a coffee that is not good. How to avoid this unpleasant inconvenience?

3 mistakes to avoid with the coffee machine with capsules or capsules

Buying a coffee machine with suitable capsules or capsules is a real convenience. It takes up little space, it is very quick to prepare a good coffee and there is the possibility to use the blends that you like best. However, it may happen that at some point the same fast and good coffee is no longer the case. So what to do when the coffee from the machine no longer tastes good?

Certainly, if you get to this point, some eases have been committed in the maintenance of the machine. Every appliance must be handled properly in order to function regularly and properly. It also happens with the coffee maker. The mistakes you should never make to avoid getting to this point could be these:

  • do not drain the water before making the coffee: before placing the capsule or capsule it is necessary to use the machine without it and to empty the dirty water that has remained inside. After this action, insert the pod and continue as usual;
  • do not carry out the descaling: the dispenser can be blocked by limescale in the water or by the oils in the mixture; therefore, the descaling operation is absolutely necessary to avoid blocking the machine. Simply add the specialty product that can be purchased in store or online to the water in the tank and then drain the water;
  • Do not underestimate the choice of cups: the quality of the coffee that comes out of the machine is important, but if you don’t have the right cup, you will lose all the flavor. If the cups are made of ceramic, it is necessary to heat them before they can receive the coffee, or to maintain a good temperature, it is necessary to use paper cups (recyclable) or those in thermo glass.

Some extra tips for car maintenance

It is very important to regularly check the tank to never leave it empty and to always keep it clean. In addition, both the capsule collector must be emptied to avoid blockages, but also the container under the cup. Finally, pay attention to the amount of coffee to be brewed. Too much coffee can be watery.

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