3 things NOT to do when drinking a coffee at the bar, let’s be clear

Drinking coffee in Italy is a real ritual, but there are rules to follow in order to consume it at its best. Do you know them all? It is a kind of real coffee etiquette that must be respected every time we are in the bar.

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The rule would be that the average daily consumption of coffee was on 3-4 cups of coffee expressed (per day) equal to 50-70 mg of caffeine.

A slightly different number instead if the coffee is American where the total caffeine even doubles. Decaffeinated, on the other hand, only contains 8 mg.

Nutritionists always recommend not to exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day, especially if you also take into account what is taken through other foods such as chocolate, coca cola and the various energy drinks on the market.

If you exceed it, you can actually have widespread symptoms like nervousness, tachycardia, high blood pressure, insomnia. If, on the other hand, the doses are respected, its correct intake has been proven prevents chronic and degenerative diseasesincluding the lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but also cardiovascular problems and liver disease.

We’ve already talked about when is best time to drink coffee explains that it is about half an hour after breakfast to avoid cortisol spikes in the blood, but now we want to ask you another question: do you know what basic rules to be respected when drinking a coffee in the bar?

There are mistakes you should never make if you want to respect the etiquette of a good life, rules imposed by years and years of unspoken tradition that it’s time to reveal and make known to as many people as possible. Let’s see them now!

The etiquette of drinking coffee at the bar: 3 mistakes you should never make

They are rules that must be respected in the bar, but no one forbids it even at home own, continue this trend to consolidate a centuries-old ritual that is repeated every day, especially in southern Italy where the tradition is more alive.


Coffee 2 euros ready to hit the streets
Cup of coffee at the bar (Instagram photo @differentcaffe)

L’water you drink it before or after coffee? Neapolitan etiquette wants it to be the absolute FIRST to eliminate any element of food taken before tasting the coffee.

How to mix the coffee, clockwise or counter-clockwise? Not in any way! Yes, the teaspoon needs to be mixed from top to bottom to distribute well the aromas and notes of roasted coffee, which tend to be distributed at the bottom of the cup but which we want instead to be uniform and vertical.

After turning the coffee the teaspoon should be licked? Absolutely not. The rule says that this should be placed on the right side of the cup completely clean and not put in the mouth at all (which can be done with the cappuccino instead, but that’s a whole other story).

drink water when you have a fever
A woman with a glass of water (photo from Pexels by daria-shevtsova)

Fourth rule silent instead the opportunity to smear the rim of the cup with a few drops of coffee to make it less hot, it is not a scar but just a practical way to reduce the waiting time for consumption.

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