50 (years) Special: the history of homosexual movements in Parma

As part of the initiatives related to the celebration of The day against homotransbiphobia on May 17, co-arranged by the municipality of Parma, in collaboration with associations that deal with LGBT issues, the conferenceentitled “50 specials: pride in Parma, a story of all *”.

The meeting with the title wanted to celebrate the first uprisings and the first claims from the rainbow world, with the birth of OUTSIDE and many other local realities.

Recommendation and moderator for the conference was Giorgio Bozzo, producer, author, TV and radio director who for thirty years has been involved in research on the history of the HGBTIQ + movement and who presented his podcast entitled “The roots of pride” so that the theme was introduced in the best way way.

The speaker was journalist Beppe Ramina, who described the stages of his involvement during the years between the 1970s and 1980s and the responsibilities of the first national president of Arcigay.
Ramina urged everyone present to always keep their guard up to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected.

On stage, it was then Silvio Malacarne, longtime activist as well as actor and founder of the theater company KTTMCC in Parma, lucky to present a general picture of the homosexual panorama of Parma in the 60s-70s-80s.

Roberta Vannucci, another historical activist for the Tuscan and national realities, recalled the actions of the many struggles and the various initiatives taken by the lesbian movement.

“How much activism and how many sacrifices to uphold their rights and to have their proposals accepted while being different from the homosexual reality that has always been dominant in the homosexual world,” said Neviana Calzolari, transsexual woman, author and sociologist who has always been considered by all one of the most attentive observers of the political-social landscape of our time, she hinted at the suffering of so many people who have to work even harder to be accepted and respected than other members of the queer world.

Most recently on the agenda, the intervention of Gianni Geraci was several times President of the Guado Association, which intervened as spokesman for the coordination of gay Christian groups in Italy, citing the difficulties previously created by men in the Catholic Church and many changes in the Vatican’s attitude to LGBT people.

Geraci spoke of enlightened and brave priests, such as Don Marco Bisceglia and the Parmesan Don Luciano Scaccaglia, who had no problem defending the people of the rainbow world who were often discriminated against by the Church.

Geraci also referred to the greater wave of freedom that Pope Francis himself brought to the Vatican.

All speakers who concluded their speeches invited those present and the Parma Pride Committee to resist, to always consider themselves “foot soldiers” behind the barricades and to live their activism as “fantastic pioneers”.

The appointment for all is on Saturday 18 June at 15.00 at piazzale Santa Croce to start the first historic Pride of the city of Parma and color all the streets of the city with a rainbow.

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