500 kg of cocaine intended for the factory instead of coffee beans

10 May 2022
Checks and frauds

Swiss police seized more than 500 kg of cocaine hidden in a consignment of green coffee beans delivered to a Nespresso factory in Romont in the western Swiss canton of Friborg. On May 2, workers unloading a bag of raw coffee bags from Brazil discovered a mysterious white powder and immediately notified the cantonal police. An analysis carried out by the police showed that the substance was cocaine.

At this point Police have also decided to search the five shipping containers that arrived by train the same day from the South American country. In this way, the 500 kg of cocaine were discovered. The drug had a purity of over 80% and an estimated value of over 50 million Swiss francs (approximately 47 million euros). In a statement to Foodnavigator’s website, Nestlé, owner of the Nespresso brand, specified that “AWe have carried out strict quality controls of the raw coffee that arrives at our warehouses until the finished product. The substance in question did not come into contact with any of our products or manufacturing equipment used to manufacture our products. We want to assure consumers that all products are safe “.

© All rights reserved. Picture released by the police in Freiburg

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