52 exhibitors and the project with a literary café

VENICE – The New and old fish market yesterday they got dressed crafts Venetian. It was the 12th edition of The Day of Creativity, promoted and organized by the committee Rialto Novo, chaired by Gabriella Giaretta. «It is an initiative that we believe is useful for the city – explained the president – also to offer visibility to the artisans who do not have it. Some have no shop or workshop, but work at home and produce objects of undoubted value. The craftsmen are almost all Venetians, or at least from our territory. The two loggias above remain desolately empty: we are working to make one a literary cafe and the other a virtual exhibition, with videos and 3D images, explaining the Venetian trade, the products of the market, the ancient contacts with the Middle East East to China. We’ll see if they listen to us ».

There were 52 exhibitors, but within the event there was also room for Malvasia delle Vigne Ritrovate, for a workshop reserved for children with the presentation of the book: The aquatic journey of Bartolo, and for the vision of the documentary Marco’s journey Polo, by the director Lilya Pavlovic Dear. Two former students of the Barbarigo Institute were hired, for a small contribution, to offer cicchetti, fried fish and spritz. Cartels such as nizioldeti had each counter identified, according to the characteristics of the goods on display, as calle della Carta or Ponte del Riciclo. Here are the old beads, the wood and botanical ceramics with plants and clay, the fabric bags, necklaces in Murano glass, the fabric cushions from Vax and the silk scarves from Batik. Then zero kilometer fruit and vegetable jam, necklaces made with the old Russian Soutache method, impiraresse, Thai pants, bracelets and necklaces, books for children and young people, crocheted dolls. Finally: pearl costume jewelry, stoneware porcelain cups, brass and natural stone objects, cameos, stoneware ceramics, recycled books and boxes, fine hand-painted bookmarks. At the base of the first loggia is a small building that is part of the precious building complex. It’s empty and the door is locked. «I do not understand why the municipal administration does not decide to open it and restore it – concludes Gabriella Giaretta – when there were once bathrooms for the operators of the Rialto market, fish and fruit and vegetables. It could again be used as a useful toilet or other type of use that could serve the market. It is always a shame to see places neglected in prestigious places like this ».


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