8 delicious fragrances you absolutely must try!

Pure energy: even the skin needs to wake up! Have you ever thought about wearing a coffee perfume? If you are tempted by the idea of ​​enjoying its unmistakable aroma, here are some unique suggestions from the world of fragrances …

In the world of perfumes coffee often used as stimulator of olfactory sensations, a little secret to prepare the customer for tasting before choosing the perfect perfume. This is because coffee has the ability to neutralize the sense of smell and clear the mind intoxicated by the many notes tried. A coffee perfume, however, is something completely different: its scent is usually liked because knows how to evoke emotion, the quiet calm of a private moment shared with his family, but also knows how to transmit adrenaline and pure energy.

We have selected some of them for you more interesting scents with the scent of coffee.

Workaholic, Fugazzi

Workaholic - Fugazzi

Workaholic by Fugazzi it is the most distinctive of all the brand’s fragrances. New York City is the muse of this creation, made with ingredients that draw inspiration from the busy urban life. This perfume wants to remind you of that frenetic and lively excitement in urban landscapes through an overdose of coffee, breaks all traditional expectations in favor of an invigorating aroma, but with a surprising softness! In the heart, a sweet Bulgarian rose with nutmeg and lily of the valley. In the base, delicious gourmand notes are combined with White Musk, Amber, Australian Sandalwood and Tonka Bean.

Intensive Café, Montale

Montales Intense Cafe eau de parfum is one fragrance with an intense aroma, takes you with a heartbeat to the atmosphere of a cozy cafe and its warm tones will enhance your everyday life. This perfume unisex opens with the intense notes of freshly ground coffeealong with the scent of Rose petals. Gourmet accords of vanilla and white musk appear gradually, giving the perfume a hint of cream and sugar.

Aoud Café, Mancera

Aoud Café in Mancera
Aoud Cafe

Aoud Cafe from It was missing it’s a perfume for both him and her where coffee is the main note. Aoud Cafè was launched in 2013 and is still a successful perfume thanks to amber, floral and black coffee tones which enhances the sophisticated character of a cup of coffee. Aoud’s perfume, refreshed by coffee it is very obvious. It is actually characterized as an immediate fragrance where the heart and base notes complete but do not stand out.

Mystic Experience, Initio Parfum Privés

Mystic Experience - Initio Parfum Privés
Mysterious experience

Mysterious experience from Initio Parfum Privés is the refined and intoxicating combination of musk and coffee. This scent captures the senses and stirs the soul. A perfume for initiates looking for transcendental experiences. The fragrance creeps into the wearer’s soul with the seduction of white musk that blends perfectly with the woody accord of oriental sandalwood. The heart beats with the warm, pleasant notes of amber, madly flavored with coffee that gradually builds up soothing shades, mysteryif of oakmoss responsible for a long-lasting sillage. The sweet, erotic, tempting motifs of vanilla could not be missed.

Santal Noble, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Santal Noble is an eau de parfum spicy masculine. It is a demanding, deep and suggestive fragrance. The opening is entrusted to one sweet note of coffee immediately flanked by a note of agitated sandalwood. Over time, the sandal begins to occupy the entire scene, offering a wide range of shades. From the driest to the creamiest. In the base, an intricate texture of vetiver, incense and musk provides warmth and depth.

Layton Exclusive, Parfums de Marly

Layton Exclusive - Parfums de Marly
Layton Exclusive

Layton Exclusive of Parfums de Marly is a ‘the apotheosis of essences, an unrestrained and seductive affirmation, a fiery woodiness, densely spiced. Anyone who wears Layton Exclusif can be sure to give an impression of originality and elegance, of class. It is a close embrace, an irresistible provocation or an essence of the night as intense as it is festive. This fragrance is woody and spicy which starts with a energetic tone entrusted to the coffee combined with citrus notes of grapefruit. The heart softens the fragrance thanks to notes of cinnamon, the base entrusted to cypriol makes it extremely sensual.

Drunk, Kilian

Drunk is one aroma that evokes a cup of refined smooth Turkish coffee. Inexplicably addictive, Intoxicated is inspired by rich Turkish coffee, which is intertwined with green cardamom oil and absolutely, doubles the strength of the addiction of this stimulant. The warmth of the fragrance rises with aromas of spiced cinnamon and nutmeg just like the Turkish recipe, it has a character of a aphrodisiac and stimulant infusion which develops into a coffee sweetened by vanilla at the base, like at the bottom of a delicate porcelain cup, floats the crystallized sweetness of caramelized sugar.

Cafe Rose, Tom Ford

Cafe Rose - Tom Ford
Cafe Rose

Café Rose enters one hidden maze where a refined cultivation of roses and coffee accompanies the discovery of particularly intense pleasures. The precious essence of three kinds of rose dance with exotic spices and black coffee. Saffron and black pepper enhance the bloom of Rosa de Mai until it opens. The luxurious and intense heart of Turkish Rose Oil and Bulgarian Rose Absolute creates a narcotic veil to the point thatpersistent bitterness of the essence of coffee does not break romance and powerful passion.

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