8 recipes that have become fashionable on social media

These 8 recipes are bad but they have clogged several social channels with billions of rolls and videos: let’s find out what they are, from cloud bread to pasta chips.

I’m always at the forefront when it comes to experimenting in the kitchen and getting out of the dictates of technology and tradition, but when technology and tradition are only torn apart by nonsense and disgusting things then I get a little angry. I mean 8 fashion recipes on social media, and which have been inexplicably successful for the past year or so. Why “inexplicable”? Because they are terrible straight upstream, yet instagrammable and in no time polluting the channel – could this be why Germany tried to ban food pictures on the social network in question?

Often they represent solutions (or rather alternatives, since in no case is there a “problem” to solve) with few calories and/or little sugar and/or lots of unnecessary proteins: hence egg whites like it’s raining, compounds made in plastic bags , bread that becomes a raw meringue. Or again, they are ideas of doubt that have become very viral: frozen yogurt “bars”, pasta chips.

Cloud bread or cloud bread

cloud bread

It is beaten egg whites with a little sugar (or erythritol or stevia, in the many fit versions of menga) and a little starch, placed in the shape of a loaf on a baking sheet and cooked to a precise temperature. The result is a hazelnut colored hemisphere on the surface and white inside, reminiscent of bread. Obviously it’s inedible, because it’s spongy and tastes like egg whites, and it has nothing to do with bread. Caramel colored versions are lovely too – I’m being sarcastic.

Coffee creamer made from nothing

coffee creamer in two glasses

Instant coffee, very cold water and electric whisks worked for about 300 hours: the coffee foam should simply come out, which gains volume and looks like the coffee cream that some places serve. Too bad it’s an illusion that only tricks the eye and not the palate, as it re-liquefies as soon as it touches the tongue. We might as well drink cold coffee, right?

Egg white pizza

egg white pizza

I recently published a media suicide in defense of pizza with pineapple, but this pizza not the pizza that goes so much on social media I honestly do not accept it. Firstly, because it really has nothing of pizza, secondly, because I don’t understand why you would call pizza something that is simply an egg white omelette that so many have already been around for years.

Ice cream in bag

cup of ice cream with whole strawberries

The ice cream in the bag or the ice cream in the bag is based on a chemical principle: the coarse salt in contact with the ice, which accelerates its melting by greatly cooling what comes into contact with it. In one bag you put cream and condensed milk (or milk), you put the sealed bag in another containing ice and salt and you shake everything until you get a cramp in your forearm and gray matter. The cream is whipped, in the meantime it contains condensed milk and cools … yeeeee ice cream! No one is saying that it is not easy to balance ice and salt, nor is it easy to seal the bag well or to go through the surgery without cramping.

Pasta chips

bowl of pasta chips

Oh I know, this recipe has a fund of genius. It consists of cooking short pasta such as penne, farfalle or fusilli, seasoning them with grated cheese or spices such as paprika and drying them in the oven or air fryer until they are crispy. Do you think Dissapore could have avoided trying a similar recipe? Of course not: here it is.

Frozen yogurt bark

frozen yogurt bark why not

Yogurt is poured flat on a baking sheet, covered with fruit, frozen and broken into flakes. Nothing, I’ve already expressed enough about this recipe to fail from every point of view. And I will add – which I did not do in the article – that on many packages of Greek yogurt, which is the main ingredient, it is even written to avoid freezing.

Overnight porridge with anything

overnight porridge

I don’t mind porridge actually, I really love it. Only my love and respect for classic porridge makes me loathe this compulsive mania that offers me porridge with proteins and layers of chocolate and yoghurt to simulate a dessert. What a pain.

Dessert cookies


Rice or corn cakes are already a snack on their own, usually chosen to stay light or to replace the carb portion every now and then. So why fill them with caramel and cover them with dark chocolate, pretending to be healthy snacks? Why fill them with ice cream and cover them with hazelnut cookies pretending to be low calorie ice cream? Among other things, if that’s really the case, there have been crackers with a light layer of chocolate on the market for years, so what’s new as a trend?!

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