A completely renovated Versiliana coffee for its 43rd edition

The summer in Pietrasanta continues at full speed, full of events, shows and meetings, both in the afternoon and in the evening, to attract more and more tourists in the Versilia area.
To honor its 43rd festival, café de la Versiliana offers a varied calendar of important characters, both at the journalistic, political, sports and entertainment levels, who will inevitably entertain tourists and locals in the various Pietrasanta and Marina areas.
Three of this year’s news, inside the Versiliana Park: the stage, which has been moved to the opposite side to avoid the constant glare of the sun in the eyes of the various guests and spectators, as did the presence at the caffe de la Versiliana, the addition of a bar, to give the present the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or a cold drink during the scheduled summer meetings and last but not least, the presence of a table for every other director’s chair, to ensure maximum comfort for the spectators.
A theater that with its 400 seats will also be able to guarantee the presence of evening performances alternating with those already present at the Teatro Grande, always inside the Versiliana Park; “An experiment that we want to try to carry out – Alfredo Benedetti explains – aware that not everything we stage will be able to succeed, the important thing is to recognize it and be able to go back in its steps”.
On Sunday, July 10, Pietrasanta Mayor Alberto Stefano Giovannetti, President of the Versiliana Foundation, Alfredo Benedetti and Senator Massimo Mallegni will open the dance with the likely presence of the President of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani.
Over 50 scheduled meetings with guests, ranging from Vittorio Feltri to Iva Zanicchi, from Allegra Gucci to Giorgia Meloni, from Matteo Salvini to Flavio Insinna until the last scheduled date, 31 August, which will include a meeting linked to legal policy themes. with lawyers and experts in the industry.
Those who can not participate directly in the proposed events will have the opportunity to see them in live streaming on the YouTube channel “Versiliana Festival” or on the one in Pietrasanta municipality thanks to a video camera that will be placed in the center of the theater, an innovation that will to enable filming optimally.
In short, the Grande Theater with 2,000 seats, the Ridotto, where the meetings of the Caffè de la Versiliana will be held, with 400 seats, and the space for the little ones, also connected to the theater, which can accommodate up to 200 people. children, a rich Versiliana and eager to offer what it was not possible to do during the two years of the pandemic.
” All this without forgetting the Agorà space, in the center of Tonfano and the Barsanti garden, inside the convent of Sant’Agostino – Alfredo Benedetti continues – which will offer further shows, meetings and entertainment during the warm Versilian summer evenings … I am very anxious to thank Riccardo Corredi, partner and good friend who took on the task of managing and financing all these events, in the hope that this accursed Covid-19, who seems to have resumed the green light, will let us breathe and enjoy a little carefree which we really need ”.

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