A cooperative at the helm of the historic café – Cronaca

Caffè Bonaparte is part of the history of San Miniato. An important chapter. Perhaps it is the oldest café in the city. Here, Giosuè Carducci ate breakfast during his San Miniato days. For everyone, even though it has changed its name since the 90’s, it is the bar Bulleri, the confectionery’s dynasty – the family still owns the walls – that took care of it throughout the 20th century and wrote pages that are well engraved in memory and in the city’s history. Many things and many ideas took off and became reality from the tables in that place. Then there were various management changes. Turn the page again. And the place becomes a reality with an in-depth look at the future and the needs of society.

Let’s see how. In the field is the Shalom movement, the mission group based in San Miniato that operates on several levels: in the world’s most forgotten corner, and in the territory, which implements a social action that has grown over the years and has become, today, strategic. In recent months, Shalom has created the cooperative towards the future, to encourage employment of the most vulnerable categories.

“In a few days – announces the director Luca Gemignani – we will inaugurate the new management of Caffé Bonaparte – Bistrot Toscano (this is the new name) to promote the territory and its specialties. A project that will initially employ five people. The goal is in fact, to provide work and at the same time promote culture and food and wine, and also mobility on Via Francigena, because the place is right on the road beaten by dozens and dozens of pilgrims a week “.

The cooperative wants to provide work for young people, but also facilitate integration into working life for asylum seekers and women who have been subjected to violence. “If all goes well – adds Gemignani – an epark rental, repair and sales business will be launched to develop sustainable mobility, put it in synergy with Via Francigena and at the same time offer new job opportunities. With the new history of this café as the city and the “Scioa” district is strongly associated with. In a few days the band will therefore be cut off. In anticipation of the inauguration – says the Shalom movement founded by Monsignor Andrea Cristiani – “you can support our project: for every donation comes the Il Cuore Foundation to double the amount “.

Carlo Baroni

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