A football school invents the ‘suspended boots’ to let even those who can’t afford to play

Don Bosco said: “It is not enough for young people to love him: they must realize it”. And there is no better welcome gesture than the one made by one Soccer school from Force which bears the name of the great Piedmontese priest. where Pages Don Bosco “Domenico Lorusso” indeed on the occasion of the open day in which it presented the new sports season at the beginning of September, after launching the initiative of “The suspended shoes”have collected many donations from those who, through a gesture of solidarity, will allow those who cannot afford new shoes to play football anyway and pursue their dreams of glory.

The “Hanged shoes” initiative.

Psg Don Bosco “Domenico Lorusso” has launched the “Suspended Shoes” initiative to guarantee all children who need them the same playing opportunities as others

In the invitation from the soccer school, it was very clear: “If you need to change shoes, or if you want to give a pair of new shoes, you can give them to us. They are coming donate to the needy“. Once picked up, the “suspended shoes” are available to those who need them, or they can also be exchanged for other shoes with different numbers. The Pgs solidarity initiative, prepared together with the Basilicata Press Office, stems from a careful evaluation of financial difficulties which goes through many families. In this sense, the exchange and gift of shoes, which may prove indispensable for many young people who dream of attending a football school, represents a concrete sign of sharing and closeness to those who are in need, and could not afford to spend money to buy new shoes for their children. In the wake of the values ​​that have always been part of the Salesian culture, those who want to follow – wear used football bootspossibly in good condition – or contribute to the initiative buy new onesand missed the open day meeting on September 11th, can still do so, as the effort continues these weeks.

The suspended coffee. A widespread practice of solidarity

The name of the project is reminiscent of the famous “suspended coffee“, a tradition that was once widely used in Naples, and which recently made a comeback, also outside Campania. In practice, those who had received good news – such as the lucky one who had won a lottery trip, or had found a job, made a fortune, were getting married or for some other happy event that had just happened – had a coffee at the bar he paid for two, leaves one free as a gift to an unknown consumer, to repay the gift just received from fate and let others share in their own fortune. A noble gesture that would apparently have been born at the beginning of the 20th century, when mainly the upper middle class and the Neapolitan aristocracy, aware of the times of economic hardship, left a paid coffee for those who could not afford it.
A practice that has also spread beyond Italy, will take root in many bars around the world, from France to Spain, from Finland to Russia, from Canada to Belgium. In Argentina, it is customary to leave, instead of coffee, “pending empanada“, Typical South American meat dish. The Lucanian football school initiative follows suit spirit of solidarity which was true of the Neapolitan suspended coffee: in the series it can change the object of the solidarity gift, but not the substance and what animates it. Because, as an old saying goes, as valid in Naples as in any city and country in the world: “Shared sorrow is half sorrow. But shared happiness is double happiness“.

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