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Departure: Alba. Substitution: Turin Porta Nuova. Arrival: Florence Santa Maria Novella. About four hours from city center to city center.
Stay calm. It is not a Trenitalia advertisement. We just want to tell the story of a weekend in the cradle of the Renaissance. We do so thanks to the contribution of the writer from Alba Mauro Rivettiwho knows about art and you’ll soon find out why.

As the train whizzes along the Podalen, we read the postcard he sent us via e-mail: “Dear Silvia, I am writing to you on my return from a trip to Florence, three intense days full of emotions. When I was a guest at the Caffè Letterario and at the association Albedo, I would never, never have imagined what has just happened these days. At first I didn’t want to say a word, maybe the story told itself, but tonight when I started writing again, to sort out my ideas and continue my path as a writer, I felt the need to write to thank you .
Without your support I would never have had the courage to face the public. Just think, I told the “fictionalized” story of the famous drapery with the motto “Cerca Trova”, inserted by Giorgio Vasari at the Battle of Scannagallo, better known and transcribed to posterity as the Battle of Marciano. I have not mentioned the alleged overlay of the Battle of Anghiari, painted by the great Leonardo da Vinci, this step is too delicate and difficult. I was asked to describe the Salone dei Cinquecento in a new way, as seen by a contemporary mystery writer, far removed from the large circles of the most famous and well-known authors in terms of means and notoriety.
The audience, in addition to my story, was able to visit the Palazzo Vecchio in an unprecedented context, in the chiaroscuro of the night, and was fascinated, like me, by this fantastic context. The story of the writing mentioned in the flag, which I fictionalized, takes inspiration from a fragment of the story, which tells how the painter Giorgio Vasari wanted to tell the story of a group of Florentines, fed up with the abuses of the Medici family, who offered their support to the Sienese. The result of the battle, known to history, condemned these unfortunates to terrible torture, causing the people to forget their faces and their names, as a warning to those who had only thought of rebelling against the authorities.
I ended the story with a sentence about the meaning of the events in the story of which we are unknown actors, which the public enjoyed and which they meditated on: ‘If history had been different, we would not be here admiring this city, but perhaps we would be in Siena to pay tribute to the winners. With that, I return to my life as an unknown writer, who loves this art more and more and the people who live it. Best regards and thanks”.

Thank you Mauro for sharing this unstoppable sense of love for culture in a drive that unites you even more with Caffè Letterario for which you have even been an ambassador in Florence. And I think back to previous visits to the Tuscan capital. School trips, honeymoons, postcards from friends. I’m already dreaming of the Uffizi Gallery, the Boboli Gardens, Palazzo Pitti and finally here we are!
While I admire Botticelli’s Venus, I find it more and more beautiful. Yes, because there are magical places where you can’t say: “I’ve been there many times before”. You must go there and return in the course of life. So that our eyes can slowly absorb beauty as we age.

During this late summer, it seems that Florence takes on a more natural dimension. An authenticity that is rarely found at other times of the year. What I have left is not only the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the world’s most beautiful panoramic terraces. Ok, that’s good for another Instagram picture. But no social network will ever tell the snack of a lampredotto-based sandwich. The gut that each of its products says is good, it’s good, you can’t tell it in a Facebook story. Some things you have to experience and enjoy!
Just like you have to catch the sound of the piano located in the entrance hall of the Palazzo Vecchio. There, in a place that radiates the history of lily Lordship and Mauro Rivetti knows it well. Florence isn’t just the walk on the Ponte Vecchio, it’s also that innkeeper who needs a Fiorentina, because you’d never have traveled all this way for less than 1.4kg of steak. Florence is a glass of Chianti in whose goblet you can see Brunelleschi’s dome reflected. Just trying to imagine the greatness of so many brilliant characters. Artists, scientists and poets who left here to leave an indelible mark on history. Many of them are buried or remembered in Santa Croce, but a beautiful church is not enough to give the idea of ​​such greatness.

And you understand that this trip is really not enough to discover Florence and its enormous treasures. It would take a lifetime. But that’s okay for now. Monday and a new working week is at the door, you have to wake up from the dream and get on the train again. Okay the Renaissance, the arts and culture, but we can’t pass the bills to Lorenzo the Magnificent!

Fiorenza inside the ancient circle,
whence she takes away again and third and ninth,
we were at peace, sober and modest.
It had no chain, no crown,
not continuous skirts, not belts
that there was more to see than the person.
Dante Alighieri, Paradiso XV, 97-102

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