Abraham inguaia Gasperini, Lazio with ease

It is known that breakfast is the best time to find out what happened the day before and what is coming. Here then, between a cup of milk and a brioche, in the column “A coffee with Diez” we will summarize what happened yesterday and also present what will happen today.


On the starting line, it really looked like a more spectacular match, perhaps with a little more danger.

In fact, the most important actions come solely from the team Romanistwhich in addition to the network of Abrahamgoes close to the goal even with Mancini And Zaniolo. Second victory in a row for Mou, who hooks his own Gasperiniwith one game less, at odds 47.

Regarding Nerazzurritheir dark moments do not seem to end yet, despite the victories against Olympiakos And Sampdoria. The only real dangers with yesterday’s match, for example, are a shot of Freuler smoothly blocked by Rui Patricio and a cracked end Demiral. A bit for a team that has used us very well in the attacking phase.


Total domain of Lazio in that of Cagliariin a virtually perfect match for the Capitoline team.

The austerity of Propertyhistorically for the attacker from Campania, and the network of Luis Alberto they close the training already in the first half. In the other we see one shy reaction of Cagliari, punished by the skill of Felipe Andersson.

In the end, the naive red off Marusic and the damage of Property, had to go out on a stretcher for a blow to the side. In addition to the disadvantages, but with this victory Lazio flights to -1 from Rome and Atalanta. And let’s not forget that in two days there is the derby.


Fresh from the not at all exciting match against FiorentinaJuve are urged to provide more convincing evidence.

With a stop forAtalanta and the conflict between Naples And Milanoin fact, I bianconeri today they will have the opportunity to break even more from fifth place and get closer to third. It will be no De Sciglio and again) DybalaFortunately Happy will be able to count on the return of Bernardeschi And Rugani.

The Spicedoes not win, however for more than a month now, so a point would certainly be basic. The first stage also showed that La Spezia they can really put the club in trouble Piedmontese.


If you borrow the language of tennis, you can say that a possible victory would drive one of the two teams towards the final victory.

The Naples will certainly arrive very charged, considering typhus at home and the first victory. Many expect a spectacular match, when instead you could also see a much more blocked and balanced match. Meaning Spallettinothing can be ruled out.

Also because probably not even Milano it will have the slightest intention of backing down, not after what happened last year. Sticks will also have to do without Romagnolileft in pain during the match of Italian Cupbut he can at least count on the long-awaited return of Zlatan Ibrahimovickey player for this type of game.

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