“After us”, Fondazione Caffè Salato di Forlì ready with the first activities

A legal desk, a series of meetings and an autonomy project focused on “after us”. This is the new initiative promoted by CavaRei together with eight families with disabilities and five companies in the area

FORLI ‘- A cycle of free meetings on the legal instruments provided by the “after us” legislation, a legal aid center for families, training for support administrators, services and assistance to help build the future of people with disabilities. These are some of the initiatives taken by the Fondazione Caffè Salato di Forlì, set up on the initiative of the social cooperative CavaRei together with eight families with disabled children or relatives and five companies in the area (Cosmogas, Dorelan, Estados Caffè, Gencom and Poderi dal Nespoli 1929).

“Our goal is to become a point of reference in the city and throughout Romagna in the matter of during and after us for families, institutions, companies and the third sector,” explained Maurizia Squarzi, President of CavaRei. “Caffè Salato Foundation wants to provide answers to all the people we welcome to our premises every day and who need someone to take care of them even when parents and relatives can no longer do so. First and foremost, we involved families in this process and built with them a tool that can enable them today to think about their children’s future.

“There is a strong need on the part of families for support” under us “and in the construction of” after us “- said the president of the Caffè Salato Foundation, Donatella Buratti -: a scenario in which parents and relatives are confused and ask not to The Caffè Salato Foundation was created to respond to these needs in a qualified way, and will do so with activities, also designed and implemented with other realities, both public and private, that address the various aspects that have to do with autonomy, well-being and human social life “.

Among the first initiatives that the Caffè Salato Foundation is preparing to support is also the “Home In & Out” project, supported by UniCredit, which aims to expand the housing capacity of the apartment group CavaRei via Maceri Malta to respond to the ever-increasing requests while promoting paths for greater autonomy for guests with disabilities of this structure, with an accompanying path also based on the gradual introduction of new technology.

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