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Volleyball Serie B Ladies: the duel between two at the top of the B1 table and the lone march of Caffè Trinca Palermo in B2 continues.

In Group F of the B1 Women’s National Championships, for Sanitaria Sicom Akademia Sant’Anna three points useful to keep the top of the standings comes from the away match from Palmi. On Saturday, Messina beat 3-0 at home Desi volley. The hosts sold their lives dearly in a match that was repeatedly point-to-point, especially in the last set where the opponents’ comeback attempts were effectively thwarted by Mr. Gagliardi’s girls. where Sanitaria Sicom Akademia Sant’Anna thus achieves the fourth success in a row and prepares for the next very important match, next Saturday at home, the expected big match between the top of the class, against Narconon Melendugno Leccewho continue to chase the Messina people just a point away.

If you look at the other Sicilians in the same category, it is important proof Duo Rent Terrasiniwhich dominates the house on Cutrofiano Lecce for 3 to 0. Victory never questioned on the young in Puglia, which is worth three valuable points for salvation. Captain Biccheri and his teammates are thus moving from the relegation zone waiting to receive confirmation in the away match in Catania, with the match againstHub Ambient Teams Volley, stop this nineteenth day for another postponement. In fact, the match against Catania has been postponed to a later date Schultze Apotek Messinascheduled for Saturday at the Palabucalo in Santa Teresa di Riva.

(photo from Duo Rent Terrasini’s official Facebook page)

In B2, all Sicilian group P, Trinca coffee Palermo keeps the top stable by taking home another victory with full exchange for a tough one Medtrade Volley Palermo. Coach Pirrotta’s girls won the Palermo derby on Sunday with 1-3, and still kept the absolutely undefeated run to themselves. Com.Fer Palermo gives, not without battle, the battle for salvation to Negroni Service Zafferana, who with the new technician Claudio Mantarro on the bench, returns to victory away from home and gains confidence in the continuation of his path in B2, the category in which this club plays for the first time. where Traina Srl Caltanissetta confirms the second strength of the championship by adding 3 to 1 on VolleyValley cable car Etna Catania. Piero Maccarone’s team gives up after two straight victories in front of the Nissen team, more experienced and well-equipped, which prolongs the range of useful results and does not stop its march to stay among the big players in the group. The signs in the competition that the Catania team won are excellent, which confirms the growth of a very young group. Gesan Com Fly Volley Marsala, after Caltanissetta’s defeat and the rest of the round, he conquered the Paladavolos of Comiso with a clear 3 to 0, found the right balance in the game and stayed in the upper area of ​​the table. L ‘Ardens Comiso of Concetta Marchisciana, just one point from the relegation zone, is already thinking about the difficult journey next Sunday to Santo Stefano di Camastra to snatch valuable points from Nigithor, home team. Nigithor who along with Cassiopeia Lavalux Sisa he missed the commitment of the whole Messina derby to postpone. Finally, the Planet Strano Light Catania has observed the resting process and is waiting for childbirth after the last defeat.

A championship, the ladies’ B-series, still completely open, where nothing is taken for granted for the many Sicilian teams involved.

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