Alcohol for minors, stay at Caffè Pellicceria License is revoked for thirty days

Fourth revocation of the license for Caffè Pellicceria located on the street of the same name. The Commissioner ordered it, this time for thirty days, again after violating the rules on the sale of alcohol to minors. The provision – which extends from midnight on Tuesday – has been drafted and reported by the police’s administrative and social police department; On Saturday, May 7, during an inspection carried out by administrative representatives, it was found that liquor cocktails had been administered to 5 minors under the age of sixteen. The procedure prevented the consumption of cocktails and avoided the dangerous consequences that could have from them.

Caffè Pellicceria – run by an Egyptian – has become a real “case”. Previously, the site had already been the subject of similar measures.

In May 2021, the permit was suspended for 7 days after the staff at the steering wheel had established that a 13-year-old had added alcohol. The girl had accused of an illness and had been taken to the hospital in Santa Maria Nuova in a state of unconsciousness. She had only recovered after a few hours and the appropriate therapies, with great concern – as in the other episodes of the rest – of the parents rushed to the hospital at night.

Just a month later, new suspension, in this case for 15 days, again after a check, by administrative police; even at this time, the sale of liquor cocktails to some minors under the age of sixteen had been established.

The penultimate measure of the series passed another nine months, in March last year. Another fifteen days of suspension of activity: during a re-inspection by the agents of the administrative and social police department, they found that a cocktail had been administered to another minor. In particular, sales of a spirits cocktail, vodka and Red Bull were discovered. And the police chief had decided to stop the activities that are judged to exist under the conditions of danger to public order and the safety of citizens because “the conduct of the activities causes social alarms, which puts the health of the very young customers at risk”.

In this context, it was also found that Caffè Pellicceria, although it had the characteristics of a room mainly intended for the preparation of food to be consumed on site, would have been used primarily for the preparation of spirits. And unfortunately, the very young are not excluded.


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