Alessandria: Lorella Libralesso’s solo exhibition at Caffè Alessandrino from tomorrow 1 July

Free Mind Cultural Association-Laboratory of Ideas organizes the inauguration of the exhibition at CAFFÈ ALESSANDRINO Piazza Garibaldi, 39 – Alessandria Tel 0131-441903 “SPRING AND SUMMER EMOTIONS ..” by Lorella LIBRALESSO on Friday, July 1, 2022 at 10.00 as part of DIFFUSED ART project

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The exhibition will be shown until July 15, 2022

Fabrizio PRIANO, Chairman of the Free Mind Cultural Association-Laboratory of ideas comments:

“With the exhibition dedicated to the painter Lorella Libralesso, the nominations for the DIFFUSED ART Project continue, events dedicated to art in certain places in our city.
The theme of this exhibition is the flowers that Lorella Libralesso interprets in an emotional way. The flower in art has a great history, at the same time as it remains a step behind the mythological and religious painting. Several great artists have tried their hand at flowers since the late 15th century, I will only mention a few to define the meaning and variety of styles, from Caravaggio to Manet from Monet to Warhol.
A beautiful exhibition full of color, light and emotion. “”.

Emotions from spring and summer ..

A tribute to nature that surprises us with a triumph of colors, scents, flowers and that is constantly renewed, a living being that breathes and conveys emotions …


Born in Valenza and living in Montecastello, a town in Monferrato. Self-taught: grew up among the colors that my father, a decorator craftsman, prepared for his works.
I love to draw, I started painting animals and faces on stones and then went on to canvases. I am very passionate about painting and especially portraits: I like to see a face that is gradually formed on the canvas.
Painting excites me and I would like my paintings to excite the viewer.
I started exhibiting my paintings from 2005 in the province of Alessandria and since 2008 onwards there have been several exhibitions in different Italian cities such as Genoa, Milan, Turin, Fano during the presentation of a book by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, Bagheria, Parma, Padua, Venice and abroad in Montecarlo – Principality of Monaco.
In 2018, I participated in the exhibition “Angels and Demons” organized by Prof. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso in the castle Fombio (Lodi).
In 2021, I participated in the exhibition, which began in Rocca Brivio Sforza-S. Giuliano Milanese (MI) and then continued for various Italian cities “The Divine Comedy”
In 2022 (February and March), I started the personal “Beyond the Appearance” at the Bio Café in Alessandria, an event in the ARTE DIFFUSA project from the Free Mind-Laboratory of Ideas Cultural Association.

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Since 2009 various publications in art magazines and catalogs and in recent years:

  • 2015 – CHILDREN’S BOOK “A SASSOLINO AND A BUBBLE” – NAME RHYMES OF APOLA AND ROLL “written by Paola Borio Buccioli – Illustrations by Lorella Libralesso – ISBN 9788891196453;
  • 2018 – ARCHIVE of Vittorio Sgarbi’s graphics – Collection for a future museum of contemporary art – ISBN 9788894128031;
  • 2021 – THE DIVINE COMEDY – Illustrated by contemporary artists by Prof. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso – National Institute of Culture Edition.
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