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The catering world was one of the sectors most affected by the economic crisis caused by Covid. But the worst seems to be over. Since yesterday, the state of emergency Covid has expired and the new password is “restart”. A roadmap to freedom that will continue until April 30. At the same time, the first measures expire, such as the obligation to show the green passport for sitting out in bars and restaurants. On the contrary, for consumption inside the premises and at the counter, it is necessary to show the basic green certification and no longer “reinforced”.

In this regard, we have heard the opinions of some exhibitors in the historic center. “There was some clarity on the green pass from the beginning,” says Andrea Poggetti at the historic pizzeria Il Montino. “We hope that the new rules are now less uncertain and that the free use of public land for the activities will remain in force, at least for some time to come, to support us in this moment of recovery,” Poggetti continued. “The enhanced green passport was introduced just a few months ago and now – says Laura Bedini from the Carraia del Nicchio café in Borgo Largo – it is being removed immediately, which makes us a little disoriented; at this point, however, with the arrival of summer, I think it is the right thing to loosen up a bit, so that exhibitors can be more relaxed on a financial level ”.

In the case of road transport, it will be possible to go up without a green passport, but the obligation to wear the Ffp2 mask remains for another month. The relaxation of the restrictions does not agree with the passengers at Sesta Porta bus station. “Removing the obligation for the green passport at a time when the transmission curve tends to rise seems to me a paradox – comments Silvia Tomaselli, who queues at the ticket office at the Sixth Gate – it was definitely a hasty and ill-considered decision.”

Teacher Simona Fundarotto is not of the same opinion, “for months she was forced to ride buses full of people”. “In recent months, checks have been rare. During rush hour, buses were always overcrowded with passengers, so the abolition of the green passport requirement does not seem to be a major upheaval.”

Conductor Marco Sacco, for his part, breaks a spear in favor of control of the buses. “Most users complain about the mask and several times we have had to beg passengers to wear it. Covid continues, the figures say, we must continue to pay attention to protect everyone’s health. A few more months with green. Mandatory passport would not have spoiled “.

Ilaria Vallerini

Edoardo Greco

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