Alzheimer Caffè was born in Melito di Porto Salvo

Alzheimer’s Day is celebrated around the world on September 21,
a moment of reflection and an opportunity to raise awareness e
inform about this disease which is so far considered to be the most form
common to dementia.

It is precisely this date that the municipality of Melito di
Porto Salvo, leader of the social territorial area n. 4 reveals
the project carried out to create an “Alzheimer Café” i
co-design with Together Without Barriers Association and who sees it
collaboration between RaGi Association for Dementia Calabria of
Catanzaro, who since 2006 has been involved in providing support to families and
people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. The coffee
Alzheimer’s is an informal free space where sufferers meet
Alzheimer’s who, in a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere, spend
moments of conviviality and perform specific activities with the support of
specialized and/or voluntary operators. The project was born out of necessity
to respond to a need for help and psychological support which
people affected by this pathology and their families need,
as well as the urgent need to inform and sensitize society with respect
to the spread of this pathology. Alzheimer’s coffee represents
a concrete opportunity to support the family of an affected person
from dementia in a way to break out of social isolation
ease the emotional and administrative burden on family members or those leaving
takes care, assign them a space of periodic relief with
regular meetings conducted by specialists, while to people with
dementia will treat cognitive stimulation and activities
expressive and playful motor entertainment. Alzheimer Café wants
represents a “complementary node” in the network of support services
to the domicile offered by ATS n. 4 of which the municipalities i
Melito di Porto Salvo (leader), Bagaladi, Bova, Bova Marina, Cardeto,
Condofuri, Montebello Ionico, Motta San Giovanni, Roccaforte del Greco,
Roghudi, San Lorenzo.

“Our association” Together Without Barriers, born in 2013
from the idea of ​​our historic president, Pasquale Spinella, represents
an open window to the world, which opportunity to ensure e.g
promote the recovery of a peaceful and integrated life in society
social community for people with disabilities and their families,
but also as an opportunity for those who can, in the respectable commitment
give oneself to others in the awareness that: “Doing GOOD IS GOOD” –
says the president Nunzio Pellicone -. Thanks to Alzheimer’s coffee it
soon we start in Melito municipality we will be able to provide a service
essential for many families who have so far been alone ad
deal with this unpleasant situation. By virtue of our spirit of
integration that motivates us, we will be open to service to society
small town”.

“The RaGi Association will contribute to the Alzheimer Caffè project as
will be born in Melito, all his experience to offer the greatest
possibility of personal care for affected people
from changes in cognition – confirms the president Elena Sodano-.
There are more and more people helping in Calabria and these projects
they represent an act of realism, concreteness and commitment to families
which, in addition to having objective difficulties to manage
family they are also disadvantaged due to a demographic position. We are
honored to be together with Melito municipality and the association
Together without obstacles because, the proximity to the human person who
suffers and his family, as well as being a central aspect for
future care for people with dementia ne
represents a specific duty”.

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