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Senate President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati made a surprising stop in Cassino. On a private visit. She accepted the invitation from the activists present with her in Naples to the Forza Italia Convention. The state’s second position participated in the Stimmatine of Cassino until the age of four

It is a It is a pity that the city of Cassino does not have political representation in the Senate: it is a very important territory, to which I am very attached“: Senate President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati hailed the country of San Benedetto with one ur program happened this afternoon.

The arrival of the Senate President to Cassino

He did so when he returned from Naples, where the Forza Italia convention with Silvio Berlusconi took place. On the way back to Rome, before continuing to Palazzo Madama, the escorts passed the buses of the Ciociara delegation, which crowded the meeting in the Neapolitan city with 150 participants. They turned at the Cassino and they led the Senate President into the shadow of City Hall. The surprised Cassinati activists in Forza Italia who had been like her in Naples.

In fact, one third of the delegations in the province of Frosinone consisted of troops from the Cassino force led by the provincial commissioner Rossella Chiusaroli.

President, come and have coffee with us

President Casellati in Piazza De Gasperi

It was Rossella Chiusaroli to launch the invitation, during the Convention. “President, come to us in Cassino for a coffee, it’s far away ..“And Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati took her at her word. Because he has an emotional bond with Cassino that few know about.

He was the coordinator of the city club Mario Musilli (it happens to be the owner of the bar in Piazza De Gasperi, in front of the town hall) to make the awards. No mayors, no councilors, no carabinieri or police: the second position of the republic she stayed in Cassino in a strictly private manner and wanted no one to be notified.

The Senate president was happy to take a souvenir photo with the activists forced soldiers by Cassino. She spent a lot of time talking to everyone. Then she asked to come near the Stigmatins. For what reason? For as a child, up to 4 years of age, The current president of the Senate lived and went to schools in the shadow of the monastery.

A chat for a walk

Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati

He therefore wanted to make a private visit to the city. To thank the activists Come on, Italy that so many were crowded at the Naples fair. And above all, to remember the importance, even politically, of the city Cassino seat of an important university and one of the factories Stellantis found in Italy. “It’s a shame – The Senate President has stressed several times – that this city is not represented as it deserves“.

Mario Abbruzzese was a member of Forza Italia when he was to be a candidate for the Senateit was then decided to choose Montecitorio to avoid duplication with the regional coordinator Claudio Fazzone which is from Fondi. In these elections, however, a handful of votes gave the advantage to 5 Star Movement as instead of Abbruzzese Ilaria Fontana chose the grillnow undersecretary.

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