Angela Celentano / Recognized on “craving for coffee”, the family “Miracle will happen”

Angela Celentano’s disappearance and new appeal

Also this week, the broadcast Who has seen will turn the headlight on the yellow off Angela Celentanothe three-year-old girl who disappeared from Monte Faito, in the province of Naples on August 10, 1996. “Angela may have been kidnapped for illegal adoption, she may be anywhere”: so mother Maria repeated during the connection to the Rai 3 broadcast before she showed the video call, part of a social campaign that Angela’s parents hope to circulate around the world. Maria and Catello rely on memories and then in the video appears what was the then child’s first games – today she would be 29 years old – namely a washing machine and a dishwasher, both pink. “We hope you recognize your games and contact us”commented the couple.

They are old photos taken in the bedroom of their home in Vico Equense a few days before Angela Celentano disappeared. “We think he can recognize them. The miracle will happen, one day we will meet again.” says Maria and Catello who 26 years later have not yet lost hope of meeting their “little girl” again. Maria admitted in the show that of course she was still a child, but she wished the woman Angela all the best.

Angela Celentano, the detail that can help recognize her

26 years have passed since the disappearance of Angela Celentano and since then, there have been several investigations by the public prosecutor’s office in Torre Annunziata open and concentrated on tracks that each time have turned out to be a hole in the water. The case is officially filed but that does not mean that Angela’s parents intend to capitulate and in fact, to give a new impetus to the investigations, they wanted to invest everything in the opportunity that social networks offer to reach all parts of the world. “We are convinced she’s alive”they insist.

And they add to his appeal, which he reports Republic, also flyers in Italian and English, with the story and photos of Angela Celentano, of which, thanks to new technology, images of how she could be today at the threshold of 30 years have been created. Her parents wanted to give another clue, both to Angela and to the viewers of Who Has Seen It, useful for her eventual recognition: “He is craving coffee on the right side of his back”.


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