Angela Celentano, the desire for coffee on the back and the South American track

Angela Celentano, the desire for coffee on the back and the South American track A beautiful girl with dark eyes and hair, very similar to her sisters. This is what Angela Celentano looks like in a new photo that shows how the child who disappeared on Mount Faito, in the province of Naples, on August 10 twenty-six years ago could be today. The photo was obtained thanks to the age progression technique. “A special software was used that aged Angela’s photos as a child using her family’s facial features,” explains the Celentano family’s lawyer, Luigi Ferrandino.

A photo shows what Angela Celentano would look like today
The resulting image is so realistic that the first results come already after it has been disseminated in the databases of missing persons and on social networks. In fact, in recent weeks, a girl has been identified in a Latin American country that is incredibly similar to the image of Angela Celentano obtained with age development. The investigations of the family and the team of experts following it, including the Calabrian criminologist Sergio Caruso, have focused on this “track” and very interesting things have been discovered.

The coffee craving on the back
“We are checking if this person is really compatible with Angela Celentano”, explains the lawyer Ferrandino to Vanity Fair, “because now it has turned out that this girl, in addition to her facial features, also has a desire for coffee on her back similar to the one she had the missing child. In addition, this person has a history that is not very clear. We are evaluating all these elements and when we have more concrete information, we will proceed with the DNA test ».

Parents: “The photo is realistic”
The investigations therefore proceed quickly. The illusion of finding Angela Celentano grows stronger and stronger. At the same time, the child’s parents, Catello and Maria Celentano, do not give up. “To coincide with the twenty-sixth anniversary of the death of our daughter Angela”, specify, “experts from the Missing Angels Org Association, based in Florida, in the United States, thanks to a special and advanced software, have achieved an age progression of her image, as on a almost real way would correspond to the appearance it would have today».

«Our feeling when we saw this picture was strong, because the picture is really truthful. Maria cried », says Father Catello,« to make this development the facial features of all the members of our family were used, with special reference to our other two daughters Rossana and Naomi ».

The picture was spread in all the countries of the world
Convinced of the importance of social networks in the search for missing persons, Catello and Maria Celentano entrusted the coordination of their social team to an expert in the sector, Virginia Adamo, president of the Manisco World Association and administrator of the group Busco mi Familia Biologica , which takes advantage of the collaboration of 80 international associations. Thanks to this collaboration, an agreement was reached with the ATM circuit, which published the photo of Angela Celentano in dozens of countries around the world. Hence the myriad of reports received, including the one about the girl from Latin America with the “coffee stain” on her back resembling Angela Celentanos. At this point, other than spinning the new photo as much as possible, all that’s left is to wait for the family’s “investigations” to take their course.

. Parents Catello Celentano and Maria are completing further investigations and if the answer is positive they will continue to request DNA evidence.

Little Angela was 3 years old on August 10, 1996 when she disappeared into thin air on Mount Faito while on a trip with her father Catello, her mother Maria and the two sisters Rosa and Noemi. The family was with a parish group: “My daughter walked behind me, I turned and disappeared,” says the father, still reliving the dramatic moments. The searches that went on for several days and scoured every corner of the mountain were futile. In the end, all that remained was to surrender. About what happened that day, Celentano has a certain idea, that the little girl was chosen at random: «The idea I have today is the same as when I was 26 years old. Just as I believe that if there had been another girl or boy in her place, nothing would have changed for the alleged kidnappers ». The family believes that Angela was probably taken abroad.

Reporting from South America, DNA soon
In 26 years, Catello and Maria have never stopped looking for Angela. There have been many reports, but none have turned out to be true. The latest comes from South America: «There is a girl who looks like our daughter. We verify a number of factors before proceeding, should there be a positive answer, with the DNA test »explains Catello. The image of what Angela (age 30) should look like today was created by the Missing Angels Org association, which used age progression software from the girl’s face, and also processed the somatic characteristics of family members. The image was then spread on social networks and databases dedicated to missing persons.

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