Angelo Moriondo, who is the inventor of the espresso machine / 10 cups every two minutes …

Google celebrate with their own doodle 171st anniversary of the birth of Angelo Moriondothe inventor of the car coffee. The entrepreneur in 1884 created what we can actually consider the ancestor of the espresso machine, which is now a part of our daily lives. But Angelo Moriondo, despite his invention, never exploited it industrially and limited himself to the handmade construction of some prototypes. Therefore, it is good to explore the history of this man who today is also celebrated abroad. The son of art, he mainly dealt with liqueurs and chocolate, therefore with confectionery art.

His father Giacomo had founded the chocolate factory with his brother and cousin “Moriondo & Gariglio“, Who gave it Royal House of Savoy. In addition, he owned Grand-Hotel Ligure on piazza Carlo Felice andAmerican Bar and Galleria Nazionale i via Roma. It was in this capacity that he was encouraged to create a machine to dispense coffee faster to satisfy customers’ wishes.

ANGELO MORIONDO’s brilliant invention

With its new and ingenious coffee machine, Angelo Moriondo he found a way to boil the water and led it with spools to the container of coffee. In practice, 10 cups of coffee could be made every two minutes. A very fast coffee, in fact it was called “espresso”. In addition, the drink was more concentrated, so it could collect more aromas and aromas. But Moriondo built his first machine for espresso also thanks to the contribution from mechanic Martina.

The annals remember, however, that the first patent for the espresso machine was filed on May 16, 1884. After some improvements, the international patent was also filed. Angelo Moriondo did not commercialize the machine, but only created a few artisanal examples to use them in his commercial facilities. It was Desiderio Pavoni in the early 20th century to acquire patents and start serial production with his company, with significant success.


where Achille Gaggia to launch in the 1940s the lever machine based on the use of water pressure instead of steam. But it would not have been possible without intuition Angelo Moriondo. Although he did not commercialize the invented coffee machine, the entrepreneur continued to be interested, in fact he followed the development of technology and fashion in that sector, made further improvements to the brilliant original idea and obtained a patent that was almost considered a claim. of his superiority in having designed the real espresso machine.

171 years after his birth, he is celebrated by Google for his invention, which also gave him a bronze medal, received at itTurin’s general exhibition 1884 where he had presented his creation. “Congratulations on your 171st birthday, Angelo Moriondo. Today, coffee lovers sip on it as a tribute to the godfather of espresso machines», Google says in the press release with which they present the new one doodle of today.


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