at Accademia Bazzara the new Zero Classic coffee machine from Dalla Corte

A school that is becoming more and more professional and avant-garde: Bazzara Academy introduces the new Dalla Corte Zero Classic machine in its laboratory to make the academic experience of professionals and enthusiasts even more stimulating.

CoffeExperts by Andrea and Marco Bazzara

In order to always keep up with the times and offer students an experience that can provide the best in terms of quality and professionalism, the Academy is increasingly enriched by introducing a new machine with a strong personality and captivating design in its laboratory. From the courta prestigious Italian manufacturer of professional espresso coffee machines and high-quality coffee grinders for companies and bars.

An important innovation that introduces what we could define a “new era of coffee” that begins with the development of a machine that can enhance the taste of blends in a sophisticated way and that allows you to choose between two options: Zero Classic, for those who do not gives up traditions, or Zero Barista for those who prefer to go into a “zero limit” dimension and express themselves best with a strong and determined coffee.

Well described by Business Developer Italy by Dalla Corte Carmen Stanziola in the video made in collaboration with Bazzara, Zero it is a combination of advanced technology and futuristic design, a breakthrough for the entire coffee industry. Thanks to the new Dalla Corte machine, it will be possible to experience total control of the flow during extraction, all this is possible thanks to its digital adjustment, profiling during extraction and manual “freestyle” control.

There are many programs that can be experimented with the new Zero: freestyle or solid water flow, or even measure weight in real time. To complement, several groundbreaking accessories are added, such as the new Cool Touch steam rods and the new cup warmer. Andrea Corona, a specialist technician from Dalla Corte, talks directly to us about the technical features of the new Zero.

“It’s always a pleasure to have Carmen Stanziola as a guest – he says Franco Bazzara, CEO of the historic roastery in Trieste -, important equipment for what is absolutely one of the most prestigious trade fairs in the Italian coffee scene where she has always been an accurate, professional and efficient reference for companies like ours and now in this new role she will be able, thanks to her long experience, to be the main character in one of the biggest names in Italian food in the world ”.

“Dalla Corte has always represented in our academy, as also confirmed by the tens of thousands of views of the technical videos we have created with this company, one of the best examples of beauty, good, well done and something recognized by experts and beginners who have come from dozens of countries around the world to take courses in our academy “ ends Mauro Bazzara, VD of the coffee company.

Bazzara Academy it involves educations that awaken, enrich body, mind and soul. A way to become experts who can cherish and spread the culture of quality coffee. Located in the heart of Trieste, Bazzara Academy was the first structure in Italy to be certified as the SCA Premier Training Campus for all modules of the Coffee Skills Program. The structure is spread over 250 square meters in the center of the city of Trieste, the undisputed capital of coffee, and is equipped with a tasting laboratory, classrooms, frying rooms, brewing rooms, coffee machines and state-of-the-art professional Marco Bazzara, director of Bazzara Academy, Q Arabica Grader, sommelier of wine and many other agricultural products and connoisseurs of raw coffee.

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