At Caffè de La Versiliana a double meeting with ‘Vetrina Toscana’

A special double date with Tuscany showcase at Incontri at Caffè de La Versiliana on Monday 29 August.
At 18.00 we will talk about them The sweet life of the Etruscans: a journey through the banquets and symposia of the Italian people with Leila Pruneti of Toscana Tourism Promotion; Maria Angela Turchetti, Director of the Archaeological Museum of Umbria And Simona Rafanelli, director of the Archaeological Civil Museum “Isidoro Falchi”, moderated by Clara Svanera, culture and travel journalist and author of the “Etruscan Tuscany” guide. L’unemployment (leisure) played a fundamental role for the Etruscans: it was characterized by two forms of social aggregation ante literal: the banquet (a rich table set with jars containing grains and legumes, grilled meats and bread, along with oil, used for nutritional properties and to enhance flavors), and the symposium, a sort of after-dinner meeting, to share wine, served in amphorae and mixed with spices, honey and grated cheese. Symposium classes were enlivened by musical notes and accompanied by sweet dance steps and early forms of rudimentary board games. Buccheri, amphorae and pictorial representations, found in the necropolis, help us trace the gastronomic and aggregate habits of the Etruscan people.
At 19.00 it will be luck Tuscany showcase: Food is culture, between identity roots and sustainability, which will see Leila Pruneti from Toscana Promozione Turistica as protagonists on the “Romano Battaglia” stage; Daniele Pracchia, Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce and Director of Confcommercio Siena; Carolina Taddei, cultural citizen council in the municipality Saint Gimignano; Natale Bazzanti, Vice President of the Food Bank of Tuscany and Marzio Mori, Director of Personal Services of the Caritas Florence Foundation, moderated by Daniela Mugnai.
Food is culture because it is part of our roots and our material history, but also because it is closely linked to the historical and artistic heritage, as shown by the “Unesco Heritage and Food” project of the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo and Siena. under the patronage of Vetrina Toscana. A transversal project for tourism improvement, a narrative tool for the historical, artistic and agro-food expertise of the territory, in the context of the Unesco heritage, which also includes the creation of short commercials that know how to combine the history of the product and its integration into the territory.
At the same time, it is also important to address the issue of food culture, to fully understand its value and the importance of not wasting it, both for ethical reasons and for environmental sustainability.

The chat ends with a tasting of products that will guide us on a journey through the Unesco heritage of the province of Siena and dishes prepared in the name of sustainability, and a series of Etruscan-inspired tastings, a real journey back in time at the roots of our food and wine tradition, in collaboration with the regional union of Tuscan chefs.

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