At Caffè Meletti a permanent plaque to remember Dante Fazzini

ASCOLI PICENO – One permanent plaque will remember, inside the Caffè Meletti in Ascoli, Ascoli painter Dante Fazziniwho in the historic premises of Piazza del Popolo on two occasions, in 2005 and 2018, had painted, live, the portraits of many characters in the capital Piceno.

This was announced by the President of Caffè Meletti srl, Longino Carducci, during the inauguration of the exhibition route for the artist’s work, which passed away a year ago (April 4), inside the Caffè Meletti itself. During the ceremony, there were strong moments feeling. In addition to President Carducci and the Vice President and artistic director, they participated Anna Moninithe mayor of Ascoli Marco Fioravantithe City of Culture Council Donatella Ferrettithe widow Elena Linnikova Fazziniwho made the works available, Goffredo Zucchettia close friend of the deceased and many other friends.

“Dante Fazzini -” explained President Carducci, “loved painting here. He felt inspired by Caffè Meletti, which has also become an art place in the service of citizens. With him, I felt that feeling of belonging, to these rooms, to this city, which we as a board will not stop wanting to convey to the outside world. With a plaque we will always remember him ».

Dante Fazzini’s work has been distributed among stands, inside the room, along the stairs and on the first floor, thus forming a road that highlights the many modes of expression by the painter from Ascoli who had an extraordinary eclecticism: portraits, canvases, even dolls, places in the city, dreamlike visions and many other ideas, all in an enveloping chromatism. His work that immediately captures those who observe them.

Among the portraits on display are those of historical figures from popular Ascoli such as Luigi Paracciani and Elia Gagliardi “Megnitt” for All, or those of the lawyer Giangiacomo Lattanzi and the former director of the Ventidio Basso Theater Fabio Zeppili.

The exhibition will be open until April 24 and can of course be visited freely.

Councilor Donatella Ferretti also announced that part of the gallery of contemporary art “Osvaldo Licini” is also being considered, dedicated to the most important artists from Ascoli, including Dante Fazzini.

In love with the beauty of Ascoli, Dante Fazzini saw in Caffè Meletti a symbol of this beauty and of the city’s popular soul. His vivid portraits are truly outstanding. With a few brushstrokes, he was able to create portraits in an hour in front of the Café’s curious visitors, which were not simple portraits but which also say something else about the person who is the subject of the work.

During his multifaceted career, he also built two rods of Quintana and one of the flagship tournament. Everything always with discretion. “I am a man of brush and not of words,” he explained in an interview.

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