At Terra Madre, the first “good, clean and fair” coffee speaks Cuban

In 17 months, it has already involved 29 new Slow Food Communities linked to coffee production in 9 countries: Cuba, Philippines, Honduras, India, Malawi, Mexico, Peru, East Timor and Uganda. The Slow Food Coffee Coalition, the international network that unites all actors in the coffee supply chain, from the farmer to the consumer, united by the love of a “good, clean and fair” coffee, was born in April 2021 during a somewhat alien Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, between pandemic and lockdown, with delayed guests and testimonies only on video. But yesterday, at Parco Dora, the protagonists of the project, the result of the collaboration with the Lavazza Group, all there, including Cuban producers, were welcomed by the new president of Slow Food, Edward Mukiibi: “This coalition, inspired by the value of collaboration, is a concrete response to the crisis we are experiencing and for which renewal is necessary, the leitmotif of this Terra Madre Salone del Gusto », the first without Carlo Petrini at the helm (but still present among the stands). “It is a concrete example of ecological conversion and as such, it requires the conscious commitment of everyone, from those who care for the coffee plants to those who drink coffee in the cup”. The aim is twofold: on the one hand to recognize the work of the growers and on the other hand to make consumers increasingly aware.

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The first “good, clean and fair” production is made in Cuba, comes from the provinces of Santiago and Granma: a BioCubaCaffè at the base of the new «La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Cuba “by Lavazza, the first coffee certified by the Slow Food Coalition thanks to the” Participatory Guarantee System “, the mechanism that allows members of the community to evaluate the fruit of their work – explains Giuseppe Lavazza, vice president of the group – is a process of shared evaluation, unites producers and other stakeholders, and is based on trust and on rules, standards and procedures established together, a priori. It does not represent a cost to the producers, precisely because it is the result of an internal comparison and not of an evaluation by a third party ».

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La Reserva (traceable thanks to blockchain technology and with 100% recyclable packaging) will be on the market from January 2023, but visitors to Terra Madre can taste it in preview during these days of Salone, in the cafeteria of Parco Dora, together with six other “pilot” coffees from Coalition, an expression of 11 different roasters. To propose them, a team of Coffe Defenders, another link in the Slow Food Coffee Coalition chain: «They are conscious baristas, who know the history of certified coffee and know how to communicate it», true «ambassadors of the values ​​of the coalition» .

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Cuba is the first society involvedas told by the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Maury Echevvarìa Bermudez and Antonia Madelaine Vàzquez Gàlvez, of Slow Food Cuba, covered by forests, the result of the violent exploitation of the monoculture, when today Arabic coffee is grown, it reaches 50% – says Michele Curto, manager for the Agency for Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba – is the most important replanting process in the world “


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