MuseoCity 2022. Ten year anniversary of MUMAC, Gruppo Cimbali Coffee Machine Museum – MI-LORENTEGGIO.COM

Last updated February 21, 2022 – 17:53 ( BINASCO (MI), February 21, 2022 – 2022 marks the first important milestone for MUMAC, the Cimbali Group Coffee Machine Museum: the tenth anniversary of its founding on the occasion of the company’s centenary. A milestone that the business museum is preparing to celebrate with a program full … Read more

Inaugurated the Neapolitan Coffee Academy, for the promotion and strengthening of the Neapolitan rite. The Neapolitan Coffee Academy was inaugurated, for the promotion and strengthening of the Neapolitan rite. The Neapolitan Coffee Academy was inaugurated, to promote and strengthen the Neapolitan rite

Coffee Academy, Naples Of Editorial staff The courses to become a coffee lover start, designed for you who intend to enter working life and for enthusiasts in the subject TheAcademy of Napolitan Coffeededicated to the improvement and promotion of the Neapolitan coffee ritual. A reality that the association strongly desires Medeaterranea in association with Bourbon … Read more

Acrylamide, carcinogen hidden in bread, fried potatoes, coffee …

Acrylamide it is a powerful genotoxic carcinogen that is formed naturally during the preparation of cereals, potatoes and coffee (products containing asparagine and a reducing sugar) with temperatures above 120 degrees, visible from the brownish color, rather than golden. In particular, products with wholemeal or rye-based flours produce larger amounts of acrylamide. It is responsible … Read more

the most romantic cafes in Paris

Among the unbeatable stops in Ville Lumière, a stop at a romantic Parisian café cannot be missed. Café de Flore and Carette are just a few names of the characteristic bars that can not be given up. In addition to the classic visit to the Louvre and the fascinating promenade aboard the Seine, the 2022 … Read more

An “expensive” cup that unites north and south: Neapolitan coffee in Piedmont

Not only Naples. Or rather “as in Naples”, also in Piedmont. It’s the business card for those who are considering coffee so valuable that it is called “Oropuro” what is the name of the company in Rustin the Turin belt, which aims to offer not a simple product but a symbol of emotions of taste … Read more

Reheating leftover coffee: benefits and contraindications

Coffee, a very popular drink in our gastronomic culture: energizing and invigorating, it gives us an energy boost thanks to caffeine with a little heat, in addition to sugar. But when it comes to coffeeand avoid abuse so as not to encounter insomnia problemsuncertain news is always circulating: it’s true for example it to heat … Read more