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Campaign by the Italian Federation of Public Companies to explain the reason for the increase to customers. The proposal started by ADUC and the National Consumer Union

Bills in the window
in Roman bars. The consumer associations’ proposal – Primo Mastrantoni dell’Aduc and Massimiliano Dona from the National Consumers Union – showing customers the energy bills in a truthful operation to justify the expected increases in coffee, cappuccino and croissant, was immediately accepted by the president of Fipe Confcomercio Sergio Paolantoni, who sent a letter to his employees inviting them to show the latest electricity or gas bills.

Fipe Roma proposes to launch the initiative “Bills in showcase” – writes Paolantoni – withaims to inform consumers and more generally citizens about the difficult situation our companies continue to live after more than two years of restrictive measures due to the pandemic. In addition, the invitation to transparency of the association – it is not excluded that inflationary pressures in the coming months will also be significantly transferred to the lists of bars and restaurants after months of relative restraint. Even in this context, the initiative can be useful for communicating with consumers.

The goal therefore, explains Paolantoni, of stimulate business, and especially the operators of the sector, to display on the windows of their premises the latest electricity or gas bill (or both) obtained together with those relating to the same period a year ago. For this purpose, we have also prepared a kind of header to hang the notes, adds Fipe’s president.

And here we are with the numbers: The costs of electricity in July for restaurateurs have increased from 3 to 4 times compared to 2021. The concern at the moment is the next electricity bill – says Paolantoni – where an increase of 40% is expected ( figure communicated by the manager in advance ). As of September, gas could be up 150% compared to July and with VAT at 5% for some time now. Inevitably, these higher costs will affect the price list.

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