Bari, Casa Saicaf is born: the historic cafe in Corso Cavour reopens together with pastry chef Petriella

Once upon a time there was Gran Caffè Saicaf in Corso Cavour at the corner of Via Dante, now it will be Casa Saicaf. The historic restaurant reopens, combining the unmistakable taste of coffee with sweets and creations signed by Salvatore Petriella. The company and pastry chef, owner of the homonymous Caffè & Bistrot since 2016, “will give the city – it is explained in a notice – a new experience of taste and harmony, a place in the heart where you can take refuge and pamper yourself , where you can feel at home..

“I like it – he says Antonio Lorusso, CEO of Saicaf – to trace a path starting from the historic Caffè Savoia to the Gran Caffè Saicaf up to this new dimension of our company committed to following the revolution that time acts on the market and giving us new horizons to explore. Although I know the past and know what Saicaf has represented for 90 years in the social and cultural life of an expanding Bari, I propose with great enthusiasm the bright prospects that this business will bring. And I am sure that we will give our people from Bari an excellent reason to live a unique experience by becoming guardians of a timeless moment”.

And Petriella adds: “I am proud of this project because Saicaf is a guarantee of quality and history for the entrepreneurs of this city and Casa Saicaf will be in a place that will belong to Bari, it will belong to everyone so I could not accept this challenge. We want to restore the value and respect of a symbolic place in the city by making it a comfortable and warm refuge for the citizens. Although we hope that many will also come to us from the neighboring countries”.

In recent weeks, Petriella had announced the closure of the patisserie via Fanelli and also talked about new projects and now the news about the collaboration with Saicaf has come. From a gastronomic point of view, explains the pastry chef, there will be many new features: “The most democratic is the choice made to satisfy the most varied diets, with a nod to healthy food, therefore lactose-free, vegan and gluten-free desserts, it leaves aesthetic taste unchanged “.

For coffee, Leonardo Lorusso commercial director of Saicaf, he plans to reinvent the use of the drink in several ways. “In recent years – reads an aiznedale note – thanks to the contribution of the many Bar Saicaf customers, the experience has been gained to offer different ways of extracting by rejecting different coffee blends that will remain guardians of the skill and creativity of Casa Saicaf , the heart of the many innovations that will be proposed to the city. Coffee will be an ingredient in some of the sweets from Petriella, to resume the ancient tradition of the company and thus succeed in improving not only the quality of the product, but also its symbolic value; back to the origins of rediscovering the importance of the human connection that coffee can create”.

“At the moment – adds Lorusso – we do not want to reveal all the details of Casa Saicaf which will be ready to welcome customers at the end of the year: behind this project there is much more but we are happy to share this initiative with the city with the certainty that provide a refined environment, a light atmosphere, a little corner of pampering, a moment of daily pleasure to give to yourself or in company to relax from the frenzy of life. We put care and love to create a place that enters the heart of everyone. We are sure that the territory will appreciate this new project “.


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