CHIETI – “I expect a great season. There is a lot of positivity and great work ethic. There is a good mix between experienced and young players.” These are the words Giacomo “Mino” Ianierinew team manager of Caffè Mokambo Chieti Basket, on what he expects from the new season of Serie A2 2022/2023 which is about to end.

Dr. Ianieri then continues: “I expect the stadium to be visited, we are playing in a very important championship like the one in A2, with many famous teams. I can’t wait to start getting serious!”

Dr. Ianieri declared himself enthusiastic about filling this new role, after having been involved for three years in the role of coordinator of Chieti Basket’s medical staff: “The president himself underlined how, in order not to lose sight of the team and his. possible problems we thought about me because we needed a professional with different human and character abilities, with a strong propensity to solve problems. The rule that my work is based on is: talk little, listen a lot and act immediately to solve the problem. I have a lot of experience and professionalism is my key words This year I did a master’s degree at the University of Teramo on political and social communication in sports for the training of national managers, where there was a lot of talk about basketball.

He then added: “I chose to test myself and I accepted this position with joy and I will give everything for this team, also considering that I will have two very experienced people by my side as the sporting director (Max Del Conte) and the Director of Operations (Domenico Pezzella), who have already been involved for years on the basketball court. The three things I will add, as in all the teams I have worked for, are grit, heart and passion. The environment is really wonderful, I immediately felt comfortable with the trainer and with the physical trainer, member of the technical staff Prof Dante Falasca (which I have already worked with). The company is very serious, with important planning. Just think that the medical staff, created by me together with the company, consists of nine people: two doctors, a psychologist, two physiotherapists, a masseuse, an osteopath, a posturologist and an orthopedic consultant. A real excellence not only for A2 but also for the higher category.”

Giacomo Ianieri is not new when it comes to holding positions related to sports, the doctor actually has a previous experience with Chieti Calcio’s organizational plan, which lasted 44 years, and which he will hardly be able to forget: “For 44 years I will always carry with me, a part of my heart will always remain black and green and nothing will erase my great past. The experience is great, I met many people and many players who have always loved me, from 1978 to this year. The band with the fans of the Volpi curve will always be special to me because, even on the pitch, I have always felt like one of them, but I prefer not to look into other people’s homes and focus on my new experience and on the delicate role I play.”