Because the coffee machine on loan for use is convenient

where coffee machine on loan for use it is delivered to resellers and operators in the Ho.Re.Ca market through commercial formulas aimed at facilitating sales and administration to end customers. For many companies, it is the most convenient option precisely because it guarantees exclusive use of professional machines in combination with exclusive assistance and coffee supply services. Consequently, the possibility of lending a coffee machine for bars to many companies, whether they are in start-up or already in operation, is the ideal option to cover the costs of the company.

Coffee, in Italy, is a “service” not to be missed

After all, starting and running a hotel, restaurant or bar business is not easy, at least in our country. Entrepreneurs are subject to large expenses and strict rules administrative and health care services therefore, purchasing the supply can also be quite expensive.

The Ho.Re.Ca. activities. of our country can not do without offer coffee to its customers, as it is the most sought after product ever. Consequently, there are two options for an entrepreneur in the hotel and catering market: to buy a professional coffee machine or borrow one for use.

The second option enjoys growing popularity precisely because it offers a number of exclusive benefits of no small importance. For example it does not include high initial costs to be maintained because this form of agreement is mostly similar to a lease. When the owner of a business gets access to the coffee machine on loan for use receive support and help in addition to machines without a purchase obligation.

What is the loan for use in coffee machines?

There are many types of contracts on the market for loans for the use of coffee machines, although they share roughly the same principle: exclusive use of a professional machineassistance is included for all needs and a range of coffee at competitive prices.

The choice is very convenient precisely because of marginality that coffee can guarantee a commercial business. It is often said that for bars and restaurants, the biggest source of income is in the sale and administration of coffee.


For the principle on which this type of business is based, which we could broadly define as “artisanal”, consists in processing raw materials and then offering them “processed” to the customer.

Success lies in the ability to transform the best raw materials into one tasty product and desired in the market, marginalize between the purchase and sales cost of the finished product.

It is therefore obvious that commercial success lies precisely in reducing the costs of procuring raw materials without compromising the quality offered to end consumers.

In the case of coffee machine on loan for usetherefore, this solution offers a reduction of the initial investment costs and at the same time makes it possible to offer high quality of the product to the end consumer.

That is why it is listed in the options with best profit margin and scalability for the growth of the commercial business. This is especially true in a country like ours, where coffee is considered a truly indispensable ritual for an audience of decidedly demanding consumers.

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