Better to avoid coffee and chocolate or frying, prefer other foods if you suffer from this disease

In our lives, it sometimes happens that the mood also affects our general well-being. Above all, it can happen to have a headache if we are worried and it disappears as soon as we receive positive news that we have been looking forward to. Many ailments can affect us and affect our lifestyle. Among them, there is one that affects the stomach.

Stress, sadness, anxiety and more can be some of the external causes. The internal ones, on the other hand, would be, for example, inflammation or the use of certain types of drugs. The use of drugs such as acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen should be considered. Among the diseases that can promote the onset of this stomach problem are instead Helicobacter pylori infections, autoimmune diseases and Kron’s disease. We’re talking about gastritis. In addition to the above mentioned causes, there are other forms of various origins, including nervous. The most common symptoms are reflux, nausea, vomiting, heartburn.

Some factors to consider

It should be known that gastritis can benefit from alcohol consumption. If you smoke, it is better to quit because it can cause various diseases and even damage the stomach. It is best to avoid coffee and chocolate, as gastritis can occur or worsen if taken frequently. To them are added some spices and fatty foods that are difficult to digest. For this reason, experts recommend to be careful when choosing what we eat.

To avoid fatigue in the stomach and stimulate the formation of gastric juice, it is better to divide the meals into 5 times a day. The recommended cooking methods would be baked, steamed, grilled, grilled. Even cooked food would be preferable. However, frying should be avoided. The temperature of the food could also affect the well-being of the stomach, so we eat lukewarm and not hot food.

Although many excellent cheeses and charcuterie are produced in Italy, there are some that experts advise against in gastritis. Sausages such as salami or bacon and spicy or fermented cheeses would be among these. General recommendations also apply to the way you consume the meal. You should relax, concentrate on the bite and eat it while chewing slowly. This would promote faster gastric emptying and digestion in general.

Better to avoid coffee and chocolate or frying, prefer other foods if you suffer from this disease

Without a doubt, if you have symptoms that make you suspect gastritis, it is a good idea to consult your doctor. The diagnosis is mainly made by blood tests, stool tests and a breath test to detect the presence of Helicobacter pylori. Magendoscopy, biopsy and the use of X-rays may also be needed. In addition to lifestyle, medications that are usually recommended include antibiotics and gastric mucosal protection. The most suitable cure can also be supported by some natural cure. For example, a malva-based infusion where mucus is present for an anti-inflammatory effect. Again, consult your specialist.

Finally, when you sleep, the cervix should be raised to avoid any increase in gastric juice, reflux. It can be done with a small pillow under the pillow or under the mattress.

If neglected, gastritis can lead to stomach ulcers and bleeding.

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