between less gloomy scientists and neohumanism-

Time for a coffee for breakfast to talk about the climate. This morning, from 10, in the prologue to “Act for the climate”, the title is the two-day Pianeta 2030 on the occasion of World Environment Day. Speaking of the climate, the morning’s testimony, the actress Cristiana Capotondijournalists Corriere, Massimo Gramelliniand the physical Guido Tonellifounded by Barbara Stefanelli and Daniele Manca, respectively Deputy Director and Deputy Director of Corriere della Sera. Right to the point: but the ecological change, despite the pandemic and the war, still at the center of our lives?

The pandemic was an extraordinary light on the human effect on planet earth. We have therefore freed the field from negativeist theories about the human impact on the environment. But let’s not just stop at the cover: the earth will have a much longer life and 2030 may be a date when things do not go well, Capotondi answers. Which points out the concept with an example: Here in Milan, where I have lived for 15 years, the climate has changed: it seems to be Saigon: The planet is a living being and it must be able to change but it must change naturally and not as a result of man. I am part of the “One Ocean Foundation” and to raise awareness of the importance of the sea, children are our great testimonies. Why do I say this? We need a true generational change, in addition to the help of scientists to change the planet.

Talk about climate with a smile

Climate change? But now it’s war. And maybe it’s not really up to us to try to fix things. There is perhaps a kind of brutal thinking about always delegating this type of interest to others. And Daniele Manca’s perfect assist for Gramellini: It seems that war brings us back to the basic needs of survival and energy problems: if there were a referendum, we would all want to pollute in order not to pay dearly for the effects of war, states Gramellini. For which it would be sufficient to pay attention to the words: The word climate is almost never associated with the word fun. In fact, communication about the climate has always been associated with grief, with a condition of repentance. Instead, we should get used to thinking about that change now to make life more beautiful and fun. This is the basic choice that must be made in communication about the climate. Here’s why to the experts I say: smile about climate. And let’s ask ourselves: what can I do for the planet today. Without always delegating to others, to the state. By the way: did you notice that we in Italy do not use the word statesman because we do not like the state because it is the only house that respects and keeps our house clean. But the planet is our home.

From climate egoism to circular economy

And then there is Gramellini, who involves Manca, an economics expert, who asks him if it is possible to combine the fetish of growth with the word sustainable. Absolutely yes! Just thinkIndia, where within two months they set up wind turbines to power a city as big as Milan plus a piece of Bologna: so just use what we have, technology, plus a cultural leap, says Manca. Meanwhile, sustainability and environmental justice, can they agree? Probably p. And if we believe that progress is not something vertical but circular, it would help to believe in it even more, says Barbara Stefanelli and presents Capotondi, who reminds us how a change of pace is possible: Today there is a tendency to live in the countryside thanks to smart work: therefore, progress today gives us the opportunity to design our lives in a more sustainable way and we are even willing to earn less, at lower prices and consume less.. The circular economy? I have always practiced it and tried not to throw things away that I could give a second life to. But it is necessary to think about the type of man who has incorporated the concept of new humanism within himself in order to live with respect for the planet. If we can find a new definition of man, an attitude of respect for the planet will be natural.

We are children of Galileo and Michelangelo

A new humanism for the good of the planet. Words that reflect the way of seeing the problem of the physicist and popularizer Guido Tonelli, author of “Genesis“, A book where from the beginning of everything it is possible to read our future as well. It is as if we Italians, children of early humanism, were almost forced to do so, says Manca and presents Tonelli. I would combine beauty and knowledge. The most beautiful things that Italy has given to the world, from Galileo to Michelangelo. And I think something like that will help us with the challenges of the future. A change of approach is needed. It is time to restore our most distant roots. The ecological crisis? If you look at the disasters that have involved our planet, you realize today that a set of fragile balances has been built and that there is a close connection between the planet’s conditions and the sources of life that inhabit it., says Tonelli. (read on for the links)

The earth was inhabited by life forms for which oxygen was lethal. Awareness of this must make us understand that it is not so important to save the planet (it has the resources to survive), but the problem is our living forms are in danger. The earth was born 4 and a half billion years ago and has gone through terrible situations compared to the “cold” of the current crisis. But beware: small changes on earth cause large changes in the living forms that inhabit it. That is why urgent political and economic changes are needed, otherwise it will be too late.

The ecological transition is not a business for a few

And if the key is an alliance between knowledge, here’s Tonelli’s thought: Everyone who knows me knows that I’m an optimist. But now I have some doubts. We are in a complicated situation for several reasons: attention it may not be enough, for the next 50 years, to lower the planet’s temperature. Not only. Now the world balance is so profound that some people use ecology for power. And again: to build a truly ecological alternative, technology is there, but what is missing is the fact that we must loosen certain parts of power and justice. Without leaving the world in the hands of certain individuals and multinational companies to deal with the ecological transition. For us, we need a new humanism to focus on some prejudices that must be overcome or questioned.

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