Between smart work and developed consumption, “coffee as in the bar” more and more even at home

Florence, March 4 (Labitalia) – The pandemic has changed many habits of Italians who, between periods of lockdown, work more and more with smart work, they have discovered the taste of the cup of coffee “as in the homemade” bar. The Florence-based company Conti Valerio Srl, which manufactures “on demand” coffee grinders for the production of Turkish coffee for espresso under the Eureka brand, testifies to this new consumption trend, which is also accompanied by a demand for increasingly valuable coffee. or in suede or “French”. In 2021, Conti Valerio Srl achieved revenues of EUR 61.5 million, which increased sales by more than 50% compared with the previous year and reached an export share corresponding to 98% of total sales. The Italian market also grew slightly, while the proportion of orders from countries outside the EU doubled compared with the previous year. Also in 2021, the company strengthened its partnership with Italmill in Bergamo, a leading company in the manufacture of coffee grinders, whose expertise has made it possible to integrate the production chain by internalizing the production of pioneering grinders.

Now the Florentine company in the Eurka Oro line, Mignon Single Dose, is launching a coffee grinder for the service of the most demanding baristas, but also for domestic users who are looking for completely freshly ground coffee and the freedom to change coffee at comes. Features: cutting-edge technical performance, innovative design, premium materials, precision mechanics and zero waste. Among the innovative features is the grinding chamber’s perfect inclination (15 °) which, in combination with dedicated technical solutions, translates into the Elr system (Extremely Low Retention), which ensures retention close to zero. The design of the Single Dose watch is also sophisticated, with attention to detail and usability also revealed in the stainless “Dosing Cup”, which allows you to easily transfer the ground coffee directly into the filter holder, leaving room for neatness. and tidy work.

“This product fits perfectly into a market trend that sees an increasing demand for high-quality coffee – explains Maurizio Fiorani, CEO of Eureka – and professional equipment, which actually captures a growing demand in the premium range and a dual target category. In fact, both in the cafe and the proportion of enthusiasts who are constantly looking for high-performance products that can guarantee excellent quality in the cup for all types of coffee has increased significantly, and the new Mignon Single Dose perfectly meets these needs, with an elegant design and perfect comfort for frequent changes. of coffee type.

“Life habits have changed due to the pandemic and through smart work – continues Fiorani – has directed enthusiasts towards professional equipment that can guarantee the cup’s perfect success, reduce waste to zero and work with the utmost silence. Market data has registered growth abroad. Peaks in over 40% in this segments, and we are capturing this demand.

2022 will be a very important year for Conti Valerio Srl and will complete the new 4,500 square meter facility adjacent to the historic headquarters, for an investment that will significantly double the company’s space and production capacity. Eureka Oro is the new premium brand that is the result of huge investments in research and development: the launch coincided with the company’s centenary, which was celebrated in 2020, the decline of a hundred years of experience in a new generation of coffee grinder line, “State of the Art” in coffee grinding. the advantages: the introduction of IoT connectivity, which guarantees full control over operation and grinding parameters remotely and in real time, and the use of the exclusive range of Diamond Inside grinders, which in addition to guaranteeing excellent results in the cup actually enables the geometry of the cutting edge preserved for a long time, which keeps the granulometry constant for larger amounts of coffee compared to standard grinders.

Founded in 1920 by the Tuscan entrepreneur Aurelio Conti, Conti Valerio Srl, with the leading brands Eureka 1920 and Eureka Oro, today represents the avant-garde of coffee grinders and grinders for the professional channel and for the home. The company Sesto Fiorentino (Fi) recorded a turnover of 61 million euros in 2021 (an increase of 50% compared to the previous year) and came to 98% from export activities and over 150,000 produced coffee grinders. Eureka invests 5% of its annual turnover in research and development and during the two-year period 2018/19, it received six new technological patents and has expanded its range with new lines that utilize technology and design. With over one hundred direct employees, the company has an average staff age equivalent to thirty-five years.

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