“Bills and unsustainable management costs”

ANCONA – «Operating costs have become unsustainable. After 22 years in business, we are closing. And we probably won’t be the first to do it.” The curtain falls Coffee Romebar in the corner of Mazzini course And Piazza Roma, run by the Avello family, has become a point of reference for Ancona residents. Closing is planned for September, but there is no exact date yet.

The reason that led to such a painful decision? The premises’ operating costs. «Not only the bills, which have increased since the end of 2021 with the doubling of electricity costs – underlines the owner Antonio Avello – but also the expiring lease. We can’t afford to buy the bar. What should we have done? In the end, money always wins, moving forward in these conditions is impossible. The costs have become unsustainable for everyone. The increases are visible everywhere, from bills to the purchase of raw materials: the price of milk has quadrupled in a few months, as has the price of baked goods. This situation is the last blow after the Covid period ».

The blood drop

“Covid? The situation we are experiencing now due to price increases is much more dramatic than the pandemic period, explains Simone Boari from Rosa Food. «For at least two months, the value of the energy bills has tripled: we have come to pay, for the three premises we manage, approximately 30 thousand euros per month. At the moment we don’t know what to do, if there were no changes we could reduce working hours, think about layoffs for half of the employees and how to reduce consumption. The government is completely absent and this is demoralizing us, we feel alone and helpless. So far there seems to be no way out ». Finally, an appeal to the municipality to set aside the connection of the supervisory authority linked to the Fontana del Calamo: « We ask the administration to put a hand on its conscience and allow Corso Mazzini’s premises to be able to work with dehors even in winter. Because now we are in an emergency situation more than before ».
«The electricity bills? The costs have tripled, from 800 to around 3 thousand euros per month – underlines Corrado Bilò de La Moretta -. Basically, it’s like paying an extra employee. We will evaluate how to reduce operating costs and consumption, eliminate lamps you can do without and reduce fires in the kitchen. Reduce working days? Now we are still in the middle of the summer season, we are waiting to see how the turnover will be in the autumn. If it slows down, I will consider closing one more day a week ».
«The bills have increased since the end of the year – says Mauro Ugolini at ANburger – but we have decided not to raise the prices, on the contrary, the expensive energy is an additional incentive to find new customers. What comes, I pay and I continue with the work ».


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