Bitter breakfast, the price increases affected milk, coffee and biscuits

Bitter breakfast both in the bar and at home. The chronicles tell of a continuation driving up the price of coffee in the bar – someone is still keeping prices stable, others have adjusted upwards, but at this point the cup largely exceeds the psychological threshold of 1 euro and is about to exceed 1.30 – and the inflation trend is weighing on the whole cart . So also on the things that make up breakfast at home: biscuits, coffee, milk, even yoghurt and fruit. Bitter breakfast, says Coldiretti.

Milk for 2 euros, the alarm from Granarolo and Lactalis (photo pixabay)

Coffee in the bar, an increasingly expensive ritual

The price of coffee at the counter has already reached tips relating to 1.30 euros, Adnkronos already highlighted in mid-August. The alarm has come from the trade associations: it is not out of the question that the cup could grow to 1.50 euros at the end of the year.

What is certain is that in some tourist resorts that price has already been reached (and we are not talking here about piazzas and exclusive locations in Italy, where prices are even higher and follow other dynamics linked to the “location”). The reasons? The increase in bills and raw materials and the climate crisis affecting the coffee harvest.

But if with the increases the debate about the “right” price of the cup of coffee in the bar has also started, it is true that the spread of price increases does not spare the shopping basket. Inflation in the shopping basket is 9.7%. For foodstuffs, it is 10.6%. Among the food increases are sugar and milk, and big companies are alarmed by that a liter of milk can now exceed 2 euros for the consumer – a blow for such a staple in people’s diets.

Bitter breakfast, the numbers

Already when you wake up, breakfast becomes bitter. The increases range from + 9.8% biscuits to + 19% for canned milk, estimates Coldiretti on Istat data, but the effect of energy price increases is also felt on bread (+ 13.6%), sugar (+ 14.9%), butter (+ 33.5%) and jam (+ 7.9%). Without forgetting exactly coffee shows + 6.7%.

The price increase, Coldiretti continues, does not even spare those who choose a different diet, with the price lists on it yoghurt which increased by 12.1%, those of fruit 8.3% and with an increase in breakfast cereals of 5.5%. Those who choose the “continental” meal must take into account that egg has increased by +15.2% and charcuterie by +6.8%.

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