Bitter coffee, you should drink it like this. Hold on, the truth will shock you

Almost everyone likes coffee, it’s a kind of daily ceremony to be performed in the bar, but how do you take it? It should be adopted bitterly for this reason.

Caffè Espresso – Picture of Nao Triponez from Pexels

The coffee It is a beverage that almost the majority of people consume throughout the day. It is also true that no abuse should be done, in fact, experts have confirmed that it is correct to consume a maximum of 3 espresso coffees within the course of twenty-four hours. It is obtained thanks to grinding of seeds of plants belonging to the genus Coffea. It helps the body thanks to several of its properties, in fact it increases metabolism and allows you to consume more energies. But there is a long dispute over who is way right to consume it, do you take bitter or sweet?

Bitter or sweetened coffee? You drink it this way

Bitter coffee finish
Coffee tazzine marroni – Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

We are talking about one of the most popular drinks, you can take it for breakfast, as a meal or even during a break from study or work. It’s a kind of exercise traditional.

We meet, or maybe we’m already together, and it’s natural to decide to have a coffee together. It will be a moment of division, a kind ritual.

We make it swing a little in the cup, we taste its aroma when we bring it to our lips, and then we taste its strong taste. It scans a little what our routine is.

When we talk about coffee in Italy, we mean to the expression, although the American version, much longer, is still widespread everywhere. But in any case, whether it is for suede, in the bar or in tubs, we drink it with gusto.

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One thing that is certain and that has always held true is the question of how you drink it. You may also have participated in a debate about how coffee is better bitter or sweetened, or what is the rule for drinking it properly.

Why yes, there is one rule, and it comes from the study of certain data that seems to confirm the correct way of drinking coffee, that is bitter. Sugar is without a doubt the first reason.

The latter makes it less easy and healthy, especially if we consume more during the day. Even the sugar would win on all other ingredients.

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The amount of coffee in our espresso is not that great, even considering the water, with the addition of sugar we would end up covering the rest of the elements.

In fact, the debate is often about how sugar usually works mask the smell of coffee, so much so that sometimes it is impossible to tell if it is a good coffee or not.

That is why, even to take full advantage of the properties of caffeine, it is advisable to drink it bitterly. In this way you will taste fully aromas of this drink, a concentrate of flavor in a cup size.

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