Blog: BARVxL: A coffee at the Vivo bar for you

It was 2017 when I first came across the episode ‘I live for her‘.

I thought: “Here, finally, a way to speak my mind, to make my thoughts on the Giallorossi events and football in general known“The first article I wrote was a column of sorts Monchisports director who had settled in Trigoria a few months ago, and who saw the glorious past with Sevillewhich consists of many Europa League put on the notice board and herald a bright future for Gypsy. Unfortunately, we know very well how it happened; years later we are still paying for the disastrous choices made by that “gentleman” (damned wherever you put the ladder!) whom I had praised so much.

Little else, later. I wrote three other articles, one of which was particularly appreciated by the editors to the point that it triggered a nine in the report card; specifically, the argument was the operation set up at the time byInter with Genoa for the acquisition of the sixteen-year-old Pilgrimage for a total of 30 million (later skipped); I highlighted a modus operandi for evaluating players that no longer valued the “established player” who came to be worth important figures after high-level seasons, but the “emerging talent”, a way of approaching the market that still tends more in this direction in recent times (see the 28 million invested without hesitation since then Bavaria for the seventeen year old Tel ).

Five years long hiatus then, and I can’t even say why, maybe it’s just my way of being, start something with enthusiasm and then abandon it for something else that sparks imagination and curiosity. What happened a month ago, when once again for no specific reason I ‘appeared’ on the blog and also discovered the “bar”.

A wonderful surprise to read so many stories about life and sports. Sometimes revelations about politics and reflections on the country when it happens by reading the good Rolex Datejust; especially his observation of the Italian people struck me very much, an absolutely acceptable concept; plunge into the depths of the mind Ginni Nuresse, which literally cradles you and pulls you into past images, leaving you with a sense of unparalleled peace; the family stories about Max 48who made a sporting “choice” similar to mine: despite being from Rome, he supports Milan and as a Neapolitan I am ‘sick’ of Rome (it may not be difficult in the same way, but it is surely an ‘unpopular’ decision in the respective cities); the ability to write broadly and on several topics The sleeping pigeon, which also gave us an illustrative mathematical overview of possible votes for published articles. But there are many others that deserve mention and as I have only recently resumed blogging, I really haven’t been able to fully appreciate. I love the way I write about Zardoronz, with a language that reaches the reader very well and with the pinch of irony in talking about the negotiations of his Milan and specifically the unjustified criticism that sometimes comes out, or in highlighting the praise that is done for the market of other clubs. Commendable endurance of Marco Baronewhich he publishes almost daily, never dominated by arguments even remotely close to his own Inter. Fantastic piece by my “faith brother” Carlo Iannacwhich revealed to us the ‘identity’ of Oliver Huttondo justice to a master who Kempes too often left out of the lists and stories of the greats who have given to football.

Honestly, I wanted to dedicate this “piece” to the wonderful presentation of Dybala; an extraordinary event, not so much in the number of fans present (ten thousand), but in the beauty of the chosen place and for the look that has been created, something that will remain in the eyes of the “thigh” (joya) – as so fine said by the presenter – that he will hardly relive anything like this for the rest of his days. I said that I would have focused on the Argentine, but this being my twentieth article (total), I wanted to give it a different value by instead paying tribute to the “comrades” of this blog, which gives space to express themselves even if they are not professionals in the sector (at least me, no offense to anyone) and gives way to know, to know in the absolute sense not to be the totalitarian football of the feelings of those who provide authentic gems from the past, or stories on which to reflect and improve, also want in the way of writing as well as growing as people.

That he became a better man after a month of ‘I live for her’, it would be crazy just to think about it, besides, my partner would not agree, on the contrary; although it is my first “fan” by spurring me to cultivate this passion, sometimes I isolate myself and think about what to write. It also happened on vacation, which really drives me crazy, but like I said before I’m like that, I get carried away and sometimes I lose track of what’s really important; plus there’s the cell phone, whatsapp with my friends shouting “it’s done” practically every market rumor that comes:

Holy woman who still carries me between As Roma, friends and now the blog, I apologize“.

In short, the road to becoming a different person, less accustomed to frivolity is still long. It is still a pleasure to share this road; Opening the community page gives you virtually the certainty of finding something interesting to read (unusual especially in our world where there is more fake news than news). That’s the beauty of enjoying the real moods, of the people, with a quality filtered by the editors that allows you to perceive if you are facing interesting content or not, if you should click or not, even if laziness can sometimes take over which makes that you lose a “bit” that would absolutely have deserved the punishment.

Hoping in time to reveal to me a good read as well as a curious reader, a sincere thank you to those who through words can make the days pleasant and worth a coffee at the ‘bar’ of ‘living for her’.

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