Bologna, Caffè Terzi turns off the lights against the expensive bill: “We work in the dark to protest”

Bar Terzi and the announcement outside the venue via Oberdan (LaPresse)

The announcement in one of the most “noble” storefronts in the historic city center

On the window is a note, written by hand, also with the English translation: «From today we will work with the lights off in protest of the exorbitant increases in electricity costs“. So over the quarter at the dinner shift that Confcommercio Emilia-Romagna invites. “It’s very simple – attacks the owner Manuel Terzi –the bills have almost quadrupled since last year with the same consumption of the equipment used. In short, we have not introduced new machines or used a particular machine more than last year. I have three stores and we are over 3.5 in the blood. Only electricity in this store in via Oberdan I spend 1500 euros a month. We are no longer in it ». Caffè Terzi is one of the most famous cafes in the city and, in addition to via Oberdan, has a kiosk in piazza Aldrovandi and a shop in Vignola where there is also a roasting laboratory. “We have great difficulties – admits Terzi -, we have not made any increases in products for sale, but the cost of electricity affects everything and therefore I fear that it will be necessary to revise the prices if it continues like this. With these costs, we will not be able to last long ».

The owner of Caffè Terzi: “If I turn off the light, I send a message”

There is discouragement in the words of the owner who is faced with a situation that has quickly been triggered, a situation that unites him with many other traders, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens. “But you see the difference, the private person can make a small investment and install a solar cell plant, but where can I do it? I can not. What do I do, covering Via Oberdan with panels? ». In short, it won’t come out. Hence the idea of ​​protest. “Someone also said to me: why don’t you go and protest in the square below the city hall? P.I feel that by turning off the light I reach more people, e.g meanwhile I continue to work, while to go to the square I have to stop ». In the square, however, he went there, the social networks, because the sign he put in the window also ended up on the profiles of the cafe, “Several dozen people show me solidarity, make me understand that they understand and support this protest – he continues -. It’s a disappointing situation, at least we’re complaining ».

The kiosk that could not find seasonal workers

Terzi had become famous for another sign, the one put up in early July at the kiosk in Piazza Aldrovandi, declaring that it was at risk of closing because he could not find bartenders willing to accept 1,300 euros a month. Many requests came in a few days. “The kiosk is still closed – he explains -, we are doing job interviews”. Will it reopen? Probably in the hope of being able to turn the light back on in the meantime.

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