“Caffè Alzheimer”, in Ancona the project to support the families of the sick

The Alzheimer Marche association organizes in Ancona from Thursday 15 September at 16:30 the meetings ‘The friends of the coffee of Ancona’. A meeting that is part of the project ‘Caffè Alzheimer Diffuso’ dedicated to family members and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, during which therapeutic, informational, leisure and socialization activities will be proposed with the aim of increasing the level of appropriateness in care relationships, understanding the needs and weaknesses of people with Alzheimer’s disease offer comfort and support to family members.

The project

The “Caffè Alzheimer Diffuso” project is supported by the Roche Foundation Call for Patients and the Maratona Alzheimer Foundation, as well as sponsored by the Municipality of Ancona, leader of the WHO Healthy Cities network in Italy, and connects the cafes of 19 Italian cities an important opportunity for voluntary associations to share experiences and discuss to assess the impact of coffee participation on the quality of life for the dementia sufferer and their caregiver.

The invention of Alzheimer’s cafes is by a Dutch psychiatrist, Bere Miesen, and dates back to 1997, in Leiden. Since then, this experience has spread like wildfire: first in the Netherlands and then in Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Australia and the United States. The Alzheimer’s Café is aimed mainly at those facing the initial stages of the disease and is intended as a safe place where there is a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where participants can express themselves, be listened to and find comfort in their struggle against isolation and loneliness.

It is the place where family members and the infirm can walk together, discover that they are not alone and understand how others cope with the disease and its consequences. In this environment, people with memory disorders or dementia together with their families can meet to experience moments of sharing, entertainment, to find support and information, exchange experiences and discuss with professionals, in a welcoming and informal context, enriched by the presence of volunteers. In addition to sick elderly people, the Alzheimer’s Café is designed for family members and carers who take care of them, and is open to elderly people who are lonely, frail, who want to be in a relationship with others. Gli Amici del Caffè di Ancona offers a moment of relief that the elderly are waiting for to experience a day in company by breaking the weekly routine to breathe a light and pleasant air, where you feel less alone. The activities carried out, aimed at maintaining residual abilities, are aimed at the person’s socialization and well-being; especially memory-stimulating activities, recreational activities and psycho-physical well-being, playful and expressive activities, often accompanied by music and dance, are provided for excursions in the area.

The afternoons are divided into different phases: a first moment dedicated to greetings, welcoming, informal conversations; a second moment devoted to cognitive stimulation, that is to request personal time-spatial orientation, memories, perceptions of the mind’s other capacities, through exercises and cognitive games that are different from time to time and adapted to the present; finally follows the moment dedicated to the snack, with drinks and food. To the people who care for the sick, the project intends to offer moments of sharing the daily efforts, comparison and comfort, information, support with the aim of adapting and maintaining a good quality of life, despite the illness.

The friends of the coffee of Ancona is a weekly fixed event held every Thursday from 16:30 to 18:30 in the premises of the former first district in via Cesare Battisti 11c in Ancona. Participation is free with reservation required at 371/3215869 – info@alzheimermarche.it.


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