Caffè Camardo celebrates the mysteries of Campobasso with a special edition

Camardo celebrateswith a new mix, one of the most sincere events in the city of Campobasso and Molise, the fashion show of Di Zinn’s witor on the occasion of Corpus Domini, and creates an exclusive recipe he calls “The Mysteries” Enveloping Blend.

A project born with the commitment of the Mysteries and Traditions Association as proofCamardo’s attachment to his own historical and cultural roots.

The mixture of Arabica and Robusta of fine origin was created with selected beans, wisely roasted and mixed with a secret recipe. With a slow and dedicated roasting of the cereals, the new blend offers those who enjoy it an unsurpassed aromatic and greedy profile with shades of malt, fresh bread and brown sugar. The aroma and aroma of “I Misteri” coffee is reminiscent of roasted hazelnuts and envelops the palate with soft tones of dark chocolateAnd.

The enveloping mixture “The Mysteries” is stored in a compostable capsule, available in the best specialty stores and Camardo cafes in a package of 50 pieces. The packagingwho reports oneillustration of Sant’Antonio Abate’s carriagewas captivatingly illustrated by the fresh talent of Progetto Undici, a creative studio of Molise origin.

“The Special Edition” The Mysteries “is not just a tribute to our traditions, but one tribute to our origins and our valuesas well as those who love the Camardo pod, among the most beloved and appreciated products in the consumer channel “, says Dr. Giuseppe Camardo.

This project also responds to the desire to offer a wider range, characterized by different blends and flavors, to those who buy and drink our coffee. At the same time, it confirms one of the company’s deepest values: the solid connection to the territory and its culture.

We want our coffee to become true symbols of individual and collective values ​​that are shared during a coffee break: respect, tradition and solidarity. In a broader sense, the mixture is dedicated to all those who feel that they are bound to their traditions and to the city where they were born. It’s for all the Molise people in the world! ” says Antonella Camardo.

With this in mind, the Camardo company intends to encourage a type of production with low environmental impact, invest in product innovation with more sustainable packaging, thanks to constant research and development, actively engage in the promotion of new virtuous initiatives, linked to the territory and its improvement.

All that remains is to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere that will fill the city of Campobasso these days and enjoy the new mix signed Caffè Camardo!

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