Caffè Commercio closes, it had been open in Rimini since 1874

After decades of serving cappuccino and brioche to the city, Caffè Commercio in Piazza Ferrari has closed its doors for good. First the sign “closed for holidays” then the decision, difficult but now urgent, to leave the business.


“A really painful choice,” says Lenny Morichetti, who has been head of commerce since 1996. “The biggest problem arose when my father passed away some time ago: a death that triggered a series of management problems. The decisive battle was the second closure linked to Covid, in January 2021. People got used to using the bar less and bringing many things with them from home. And with that smart work many of our clients have not returned to work in the office in several months. Now, because we did not want to accumulate debts – he adds – we quickly decided to say enough, even putting the equipment up for sale ».

“The remorse is enormous – says the owner – but it was a great adventure. It was nice to have had company with so many people, to have seen the students grow and graduate, to have met their children. It was a pleasure and an honor to have been a part of so many people’s lives, if only with a smile and a good morning ”.


“The worst thing now – Lenny emphasizes – is not so much selling the business or not, but having the responsibility to close a piece of Rimini’s history. Il Commercio is perhaps the oldest bar in town. The historian Gianni Rimondini did some research and found a menu with Caffè Commercio dated 1874 which listed some foods for sale ».

Lenny Morichetti and his family have been present in Piazza Ferrari’s business for 26 years: two years later, in 1998, his uncle Massimo Zangheri joined the company. Simone and I. in Piazzetta Teatini he has retained some shares in the local historian. Morichetti clarifies that she has also been in negotiations for a long time to sell the license: «For six months we had a preliminary contract in hand, but in June 2021 the buyers interrupted the negotiations and bought another bar. Honestly, I think they just wanted to lower the price of the business, which they then took over. And he adds: “After hearing about our willingness to leave yesterday, two other people came forward. We’ll see if there will be a sequel ».

The last greeting

Lenny and his mother Claudia will definitely not remain unemployed: both have already found another job, this time as employees. «But we think of the last act, the one of the greetings. Next Saturday we would like to organize a market selling glasses, plates, bottles of wine and spirits, at the symbolic price of one euro. Above all, to see one last time the historic customers at our Caffè ».

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