Caffè Concerto, renovation works only after those of City Hall

The coffee concert is now regularly open every day, after the difficulties created by the effects of the pandemic, it has not changed manager and at the end of the work on the ongoing electricity network at City Hall, it will be able to begin the planned renovation for those who have already received green light from the administration.

This was explained by the Councilor for the Historical Center and Public Works Andrea Bosi during the meeting on Thursday, July 7, in the Modena City Council, in response to the question from the Lega Modena, illustrated by Councilor Giovanni Bertoldi who, based on the situation of the premises, defined in a permit out of neglect, in the middle of the UNESCO site, he asked 21 questions to the municipal administration that criticized the municipality’s work.

After noting that the league withdrew and resubmitted the question, eliminating “the defamatory and prejudiced elements against society” (“he ordered you to correct the shot, but he did only partially”), Bosi replied one on one of the 21 issues, and emphasizes that the deal is certainly complicated, but that the energy efficiency work in Palazzo, which started late due to the events of recent years (from covid to the increase in raw material costs) “is now going well”, while the tender characteristics, with the most economically advantageous tender, it was decided not to give “discretion” to the municipality but to be able to value the technical tender with greater weight than the economic one, in order to avoid that “the judgment is only on economic decline”

Bosi answered the specific questions by explaining that the Rrem concessionaire is up to date with the payments from the electricity companies and paid the fees to be paid (the installment of the installment for March 2022 was requested) and received the Tari reductions for Covid (more than 5 thousand euros between 2020 and 2021).

The planned works were approved by the authority on 24 January 2020 and by the municipality on 28 April the same year and mainly coincide with those presented in the tender, during which contacts with the municipal technicians were limited to the planned inspection. .

As a summary of the results of the tender, as requested, Bosi recalled that Rrem received a total of 75 points for the technical offer (the articulation gave points for the layout and service, the staff, the range of products and menu, cultural initiatives) and 13 184 for the financial, compared with an increase of 37.70 percent, second best among the participants.

In the first phase of the intervention, the interior, including the counter, was restored and adjusted pending the compensation provided for in the new project. The abandoned were transferred to the municipal depot at the expense of the director.

Until the emergence of Covid, the program of cultural initiatives was in line with the project, which was presented and reported regularly to the municipality, while the 24-hour opening is linked to the new configuration of the premises after work.

The municipality has not identified serious breaches of contractual obligations that have led to sanctions being applied.

The administration remains in the hands of the Rrem company itself, the municipality has not received any request for a sub-concession to a third party, which is prohibited under the concession. Mr Gabrielli did not take over the management but was employed by the company as the previous operators had been employed which then “had not led to the desired result”.

With regard to the occupation of the square with the outdoor area, Commissioner Bosi stated that a seasonal permit has been issued, ex officio extended until 30 September and that the structure for the future, with the exception of new extensions or Covid measures, must be expanded. adapted to the regulation of the UNESCO website. The occupation of the tables under the veranda is also authorized as a Covid extension until 30 September.

In his reply, Director Bertoldi, who expressed dissatisfaction with the reply, clarified that he had updated the issue on the basis of the events that had taken place and reiterated the discretion of the tender procedures (“in terms of service or cultural aspects”, the Commissioner evaluates based on personal assessments “), while on the issue of legality he emphasized that the offers were up, not down. For Bertoldi, it is important that there is a return for the citizens with regard to the investment made by the municipality in that area of ​​the building and he put forward the hypothesis of a disruption in the public service due to the extended closure of the premises with the “excuse” for Covid; there are several inconsistencies and the Municipality has not supervised: he should have applied sanctions or revoked the concession.

According to Bertoldi, the proof that the management did not do well is the fact that new people have been hired and in the hope that the place can return to being a lively place in the city, he invited the councilor to “wipe his head with ashes and ask the people of Modena for excuse”.

The councilor concluded by recalling the waste of drinking water with the air conditioning system, hoping that it will be overcome: it is a duty.

In conclusion, the chairman of the city council, Fabio Poggi Bertoldi, recalled his role as a public official and urged him to contact the judicial authority “if he is convinced of the statements he has made; it is his duty”.


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