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Thursday 21 March at the Cooperative of Favaro, Biella, as part of Caffè del Benessere, organized by ANZITUTTO Association in collaboration with Associazione Soggiorno Anziani Favaro, Cooperativa del Favaro, Auser Biella, with the support of 3Bi – Biomedical Library of Biella yes it is talked about arterial hypertension, with the speaker dr. Mauro Ilario Berto former director of nephrology at ASL BI and chairman of the Biella section at AIDO. Dr. Berto explained that arterial hypertension can be considered a “silent pandemic” given that about 70% of people over 65 are affected.

It can lead to kidney, heart and vascular damage and is the most common cardiovascular disease. The most common risk factors are represented by smoking, diabetes, salt use, obesity and obesity, stress, alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle. Familiarity and aging are also among the risk factors. If more factors are added together, the risk increases and the therapy becomes more difficult. Following the illustration of the degrees of hypertension, dr. Berto examined the causes of those who are defined as “essential” and of those who are secondary to diseases (in this case, it is necessary to treat the diseases that cause it). Just under 90% of hypertension is crucial. Frequent causes of secondary hypertension should be mentioned drugs such as anti-inflammatory and cortisone. Dr. Berto then illustrated it by a nephrovascular nature and examined its diagnostic and therapeutic aspects.

Blood pressure measurement techniques were also taken into account and information was given about its discovery even when it stood up. He also explained the importance of 24-hour blood pressure monitoring which also provides information on the trend at night. Finally, an illustration of the drugs used, their mechanism of action, when to start them after a non-pharmacological treatment has been found to be insufficient to correct hypertension. Finally, after a debate with the public, the traditional coffee that the organizers offered. The next Caffè del Benessere will always take place in the Favaro Cooperative hall on Thursday, always from 15 to 17 and will have as its topic “Current deficits and the fall of the elderly”, speaker dr. Bernardino Debernardi, geriatrician.

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