Caffè Diemme’s open days are back

Friday, April 1st Caffè Diemme, which has been creating high-profile blends since 1927 by committing to spreading the culture of quality coffee, returns to meet enthusiasts and spectators from this sector in attendance, opening the doors to Albignasego (PD) headquarters, via Battaglia 69. An important date , which coincides with the end of the state of emergency (after two years of pandemic) and conveys a sense of return to normalcy.
L ‘free open day – to which it is possible to participate in mandatory booking via the Eventbrite circuit – it provides two shifts (morning 10-12, afternoon 15-17), for a maximum of 18 people per shift, and includes guided tour of Diemme’s production department and to Diemme Academyan avant-garde educational and research space.

There is one to follow master class with the Academy’s teachers to illustrate the following questions for those present:

  • Coffee: birth and origin
  • The two main species
  • How does the frying in the cup affect?
  • The perfect espresso and cappuccino
  • The alternative extracts to espresso: suede and filter coffee
  • How to make a coffee drink

The two visits will end with tasting of products manufactured during the master class and with the delivery of one gift to the participants.
The large, bright, modern spaces of the Diemme company thus return to be repopulated by those who love coffee in all its forms and all its flavors. An interesting opportunity to discover, with the involvement of the five senses, the secrets of a world as fascinating as complex, consisting of product knowledge, careful selection of beans, specific roasting curves, tested and perfected mixtures, extraction and much more.

“We have always loved receiving professionals and enthusiasts from the coffee world in our company, which we call ‘home’,” he says. Giannandrea Dubbini, President and CEO of Diemme Spa. “We like to convey to them the magic of roasting, we like to respond to their curiosity, we like to see them sip blends that we create with great care and attention. In the last two years, there have been few, if any, meetings for well-known reasons. We are happy about the idea of ​​turning the key to the door again to allow the public to enter the world we founded almost a hundred years ago ».

Open day in brief:

Friday, April 1, 2022

1st shift: 10.00-12.00

2nd shift: 15.00-17.00

Booking required via Eventbrite circuit:

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