“Caffè IdeaLi” three meetings at Pizzino al Galoppo. The program

A cycle of participatory meetings is taking place, where issues of particular relevance in this historic moment for our city and for society will be addressed

Wednesday 11 May 2022 – 08:24

D.after two years of pandemic, the cultural and political association Imagine themwho have always been committed to promoting a culture of engagement and participation in public life, feel the need to return to reactivate the urban community and encourage collective reflection on issues that are crucial to a more conscious rebirth and reboot.

IdeaLi then launches a series of meetings, “Caffè IdeaLi”, of a participatory nature, where issues of particular relevance in this historic moment for our city and for society will be addressed, in order to jointly imagine a restart and reconsider our city that is projected towards future.

The first of the three “Caffè IdeaLi” is scheduled for Thursday, May 12 at. Pizzino at a gallopinside the racetrack Federico Caprilli and is dedicated to the condition of young people after the two years of the pandemic. It is they, our boys and our girls, who have suffered the most severe consequences, especially from a psychological point of view, and it is a situation that we can no longer ignore.

A great alliance between Institutions, families, associations which puts the rights of young people and very young people to not only plan for the future but to live the present to the fullest. And it is with this in mind that IdeaLi has decided to organize a moment of discussion and reflection with experts to help build a reboot path that involves especially young people.
Also in the following two meetings, issues related to the city’s rebirth will be addressed, in relation to the historical period that has just passed.
The second meeting, also in May, will present one focus on the representation of women in social networks and in the mediaespecially during this period when screens have become so present in our lives.
The third meeting, in June, aims to stimulate a reflection on the possibility that Livorno can be transformed into a city ​​ready to welcome and encourage new digital professionals.

The intention is to bring to life moments of real dialogue and exchange on topics that we consider essential for life in our city. We do not just want to present pre-established ideas or programs, but, based on already existing experience or research, encourage a stimulating exchange.

That is why the efforts will be followed by pleasant moments (Caffè IdeaLi), but above all we invite citizens and city associations to participate through questions, themes or proposals that can be addressed directly during the debates.

Any questions, contributions or suggestions can be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

12 May 2022 at 18.00

Pizzino at the gallop (F. Caprilli Racecourse)

Emanuele Gamba director, artistic director of the Goldoni Theater

Daniele Caluri cartoonist, teacher
Marco Lenzi musicians, teachers
Silvia Palandri psychologist psychotherapist

My Diop – Giovanni Pulizzi (Representative and former representative of the Isis Niccolini Palli Institute – Livorno)

The warning about the need for psychological support for the most vulnerable and / or vulnerable people after the two years of the pandemic even comes from the UN, with a report urging states to act on the issue, even before the increase in cases of violence, cyberbullying, self-harm , bulimia and anorexia, but also educational poverty and school dropouts. In the face of all this, it is in fact urgent to build a contrast system, a support network, otherwise we risk losing an entire generation of young people, the subjects most affected by this experience. In the open spaces of Pizzino at a gallop, an expert psychologist of developmental age will intervene, an expert in cultural processes, teachers who interact daily with young people, together with young students.

Will follow jazz concert and aperitif with music offered by IdeaLi in collaboration with Zona Market

May 29 at 6 p.m.

Selfies as new mirrors


Conference room in Bottini dell’Olio

Lorella Zanardo women’s rights activist and lecturer

Maria Pia Bernardoni curator and organizer of cultural events

What do we see when we look at ourselves in the reflection of our faces on the screens of mobile phones?
What do we really do when we photograph ourselves: is the selfie a gesture of power or an act of submission? Does it represent the re-acquisition of control over one’s image, or the desperate attempt to expose our faces to forms and expressions that we believe are the “right ones”? We’ll talk about it with Lorella Zanardo, women’s rights activist, lecturer, author of the documentary “The body of women” – condemning the degrading representation of women on television in Italy, seen online by 20 million people. Zanardo will present his latest project FACE MANIFESTO: an awareness campaign on the transformation of faces in the digital age, which aims to provide a thinker on the topic of homologation of faces conveyed by social media.

June 23 at 6 p.m.
Pizzino at the gallop (F. Caprilli Racecourse)

Elisa Soggia Co-founder and administrator of LinkJuice

Luigi Conte Series start Upper and president of Sarcanto srl

Alessandro Bruni Founder and CEO of Naima Consulting srl (Brain trust for strategic innovation), adjunct professor of strategy at the University of Pisa

It is not inevitable to live badly in order to function well. The pandemic may have made a phenomenon that has already existed in our city for a few years clearer. The opportunity to pursue digital professions, of a very entrepreneurial nature, based on a place that guarantees a very high quality of life: the sea outside the door, fresh air, proximity to places of art and tourism of the highest appeal, a dimension that guarantees easy movement and large and nice living areas. Is it possible to imagine a future for Livorno as a welcoming city for new professions? What efforts would be needed to adapt and transform our city to attract and facilitate the new realities that characterize the “web economy”, while being able to reconcile job satisfaction and personal well-being?
We talk about it with entrepreneurs and professionals who have consulted for several years or have been active in this sense, who have created companies based in Livorno, while operating throughout the country (and sometimes even abroad).

Together, we will try to understand how we can make the city a place with opportunities and concrete opportunities for those who live there or for those who from the outside will be able to choose it as their home.

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