Caffè Imperiale and the forbidden outdoor area: tell us how it is

The story is increasingly a “yellow”

VERCELLI (31.05.2022 – 11.04) – It takes more and more the contours of a “yellow”, the story that sees the main character, despite himself, Luca Impellizzeriowner of “Imperial coffee“In via Verdi. What happened is now known to everyone.

Due to the “Fattoria in città”, the club, which had joined the event in collaboration with “Zaccone gastronomy“The opportunity to expand the outdoor area was denied. Motivation linked to the lack of escape routes, if Impellizzeri had expanded the outdoor area, to be used in an emergency.

In recent days, Impellizzeri had announced via social media the forced decision to no longer participate in “Fattoria in città”, and explained the reasons. But the dealer from Vercelli was not happy to cancel his participation in the event. He wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and discovered interesting things that should make us think.

“I wanted to put the story in order, given that the situation is more ‘confused’ than expected” – says Impellizzeri – “I ask Ascom to expand the outdoor area, as always done in connection with public events. Ascom replied that the local police refused I’m giving up the farm for space reasons. Ascom says they are trying to mediate with the local police, but after two days the answer is no ».

The dealer from Vercelli continues: “I call the local police trade office who answers: We have not received any inquiries about your outdoor area and for the yard in general”. Then I ask Ascom for explanations to who had given the ban to my outdoor area and I get the answer “Municipality and Vigilant”. I ask which of the municipality has decided and I get the answer “We do not know” ». And already so far we would have to laugh, even if the first reaction would be to cry in despair, and notice the guilt game.

“I go and read the Gabrielli circular on safety at public events and I discover that the evacuation plan must be drawn up by the organizers (Ascom) and not by the municipality. You draw the conclusions but all this is absurd and totally pointless. A supercazzola worthy of “My friends” ».

The story certainly has dark sides. This is indisputable. What is most striking, as previously written, is the debt game between the various institutions and associations. Has anyone decided not to allow the extension of the outdoor area to “Caffè Imperiale”? And who decided that? And because it was decided for “safety reasons” when a market with very little security is made a few meters away, twice a week (we talked about it with a specialist in the industry, who openly told us: “If it is a question of intervening with an ambulance, we can still manage, but if a vehicle from the fire brigade should happen, it would be almost impossible to take action. . in a short time…”)? Is Via Verdi the only “escape route” in the whole area?

A series of questions to which clear and precise answers should be given. Because if no clear and precise answers are given, you can imagine the classic “straw tail”. Then it means that something has been done, if not in bad faith, at least in an approximate way.

“Caffè Imperiale” is not our sponsor. We have no “commercial” relationship with Luca Impellizzeri. Just friendship and respect for what he has done in recent years for the city. The complaint that we report is to have transparency from everyone and for everyone, especially those who decide. We would have done it, we write it to avoid doubt, because all other commercial activities in Vercelli would have ended up in the same situation. The problem (yes, it’s a problem in this city) is that only Impellizzeri seems to have been banned from expanding the outdoor area and that only he has put his face to it, today as on many other occasions.

So give us the benefit of the doubt: Is not anyone angry? Is it not the case that his criticism, sometimes constructive, sometimes sarcastic, of the municipal council’s and in particular of any municipal council’s decision has influenced the decision? No, to think badly you almost always get it right.

And it is especially sad that in this city, just go and read the social comments to realize it, many “rejoice” over the misfortunes of others. Telling or writing the truth is not okay, it seems. It is necessary to submit, lower one’s head and glorify the “powerful” or “powerful” in service. Here, so probably Imperial Cafe would have had the expansion of the outdoor area.

Laughing at a trader’s accidents is one of the most cowardly things there is. Well, in Vercelli we also managed to do this. But, do us that favor, tell us how it really went, because, as someone said, “we generally die because we are alone. People often die because they do not have the necessary alliances, because they lack support.” let’s not happen to Luca Impellizzeri and anyone else in Vercelli. It’s a matter of respect, transparency, justice. Because, to put it bluntly, we are full of “sons and stepchildren” …

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