Caffè Milani celebrates 85 years of operation with a program with initiatives on sustainability

Caffè Milani blows out 85 candles and inaugurates to celebrate a series of initiatives focusing on social and environmental sustainability.

Milani coffee blows out 85 candles and, to celebrate, inaugurates the path for CaffèMilani85: there are a number of initiatives which, in addition to celebrating the goal achieved, will be rejected according to the principle of sustainability – whether it is social, environmental, economic or the products themselves. In this regard, an excellent example is from the exclusive creations manufactured by the tailor shop In-socket, which will produce unique items (such as bags, clutches and backpacks) based on waste materials from the coffee industry; or from the recipe book created by the young students in Enaip Lombardia’s taste disciplines, who are in fact already in the process of creating a collection of sweet and savory recipes and combinations of coffee dishes according to the criteria of Caffè Milani: 0 km, no waste, attention to territory.

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The entire route will then culminate on October 1, the day then World Coffee Day, with the presentation of Caffè Milan’s sustainability manifesto: for the moment, the company’s doors will be opened to celebrate the bean’s origins through various instances of performing arts. The whole day will be devoted to the discovery of the land of coffee and art in all its forms and then end with a demonstration of the famous coffee ceremony. The next day, October 2, the doors will be open to the public who, when booking, are free to visit the company, including the Exhibition and the new collection it contains. It will be the opportunity to immerse yourself in the last three hundred years that has diminished according to the history of coffee, with special attention to its ways, the machines for roasting, grinding and preparing it.

“We wanted to give a concrete sign and not leave the word sustainability on paper,” he commented Elisabetta Milani, Marketing and Communications Manager for Caffè Milani. “CaffèMilani85 wants to be a new step in a journey we have made for years to show how it is possible to do business in a sustainable way from a social, economic and environmental point of view, with respect for communities and consumers. This year will be a comprehensive celebration, open to all, to discover how each cup of coffee we drink brings with it a whole world “.

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