Caffè Nazionale will be a star-marked patisserie with chef Paolo Griffa

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Provisional assignment for the historic site in Piazza Chanoux, closed since 2019

A luxurious patisserie led by chef Paolo Griffa. The latest controls are still missing, but this seems to be the fate of it National Coffeeas seen on Thursday, February 24th temporary assignment of their local Paolo Griffa and four other partners.

The announcement

The assignment to RT consisting of five partners, which took place following a request for integration of the documents, provides one annual fee of 82 thousand eurosfor a period of 25 years from the date of signing the agreement.

Especially from the project presented by the temporary grouping extraordinary maintenance provided by the citywith the exception of the consolidation of the vaults and the replacement of floors, for which they have been proposed Alternative measurements to the value of 359 011 Euro.

In addition to the provisions of the tender, the future managers propose “significant improvement measures”.translated into “almost complete reinterpretation” of the basements, the arrangement of the facade of Piazza San Francesco and the construction of new toilets through a “new volume in expansion”.

About 200 thousand euros will then be invested for maintenance of the electrical systems and replacement of the lighting fixtures.

However, details are still missing regarding the arrangement of the decagonal space (among the trump cards at the base of the deposit among Historic sites in Italy), the reinterpretation of the kitchen in the basement rooms and the relocation of the kitchen.

Chef Paolo Griffa

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Star chef Paolo Griffa

And of course brilliant Paolo Griffa, one of Italy’s top chefs for 35 yearsready for an adventure that contributes to his commitment as a chef at the Petit Royal restaurant with Michelin stars and head of the Grand Hotel Royal and Golf.

“When the municipality launched a tender to take over the national team, I did not hesitate to compete with a team of reliable partners, so that I could realize the dream of opening my own patisserie,” he exclaims. Griffa.

A short inspection will be carried out to understand the scope of the work to be carried out on a premises closed from February 2019.

“If all goes well we can open in the summer of 2022 – He exclaims again Griffa -. I am happy to be able to open in Aosta, in the heart of a territory that I feel I have belonged to for five years now ».

The chef is already traveling with his imagination.

“I have in mind a ambitious project ends -. Open a physical place dedicated to the sweet universe, where I can try my pastry idea, after seeing that the e-commerce launched last year has received an excellent response from customers. For me, Caffè Nazionale is a project that also looks to the international and that would give new life to our Vallée, in the sector of Italian haute confectionery and the food industry ».

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