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Introduction 1. The chaos floor is a solid, earthquake-proof roof. We suffer from it, unconscious and irresponsible witnesses. There are those who complain about it, there are also some boring tail strokes. What prevails, however, is a disarming laziness. Do not worry, we know how to apply it in everyday life which becomes a damn habit. Like the celebration on Rai of the national football team that won the World Cup in ’82 to remind us that once we counted on something and compensated for Italy’s absence at the World Cup 2022, we celebrate the past and the tourist flow on the island with living on a temporary rent, at least so as long as it resists. To the inattention of politics and architecture itself [non] produces, adheres to those who pass the ordinary as an extraordinary quality and squeezes the stamp “we shall do, evaluate and take action” to that which is intended to remain fixed. Today’s myopia, the blindness in the economy and in the work that is about to overwhelm Ischia makes the picture more gloomy.

For the media that should have contributed to the building of a collective and critical conscience of the citizens, the same “mission” that they have today corresponds to the other side of the coin, and at the same time a problem, which acts as a counterweight. and sees in the widespread inability to develop a critical analysis of facts;

These are simple but destructive premises that we derive from where [non] we go. The traffic, for example. It has its cause both in disorganization and in the absence of dealing with the phenomenon of a politician who has taken specialization courses to avoid merging. He could give private lessons to anyone who asked him. None of the municipalities, apart from the announcements where you never read those who do them when they follow up on what they say, seem willing to realize the idea that it is necessary to unite the administrations, that the excessive number of cars applies to the six municipalities without exception and developing another mobility together with the reorganization of the public service is the basis for making it modern and functional.

Including what is provided by the taxis that have proved available to be a solution to the problem. All this would reduce costs and save us the burden of taking the car. There are those who claim that devices such as alternating number plates are enough to limit the number. A palliative that is useless if there is no comprehensive action plan for transport and that, once completed, would throw us back into chaos. Instead, we need to change attitudes, change the way we think. Last week, I mentioned – again – the development pact signed by the municipalities in 2015. If not used, it will put the island in the unfortunate situation of losing EUR 6 billion on the 11 investment axes provided for by the Regional Fund, and not just them. Therefore, “genius”, “imagination”, “intuition”, “decision”, “speed of execution”, “vision” and “project” are needed, skills that cannot be acquired with “advanced courses” or with experience in politics. Whose responsibility is it if the Strategy Pact does not take off, because maybe one municipality ignores the other or you get annoyed that the leader is Forio? By administrations that are tangled and unrealistic or by people who do not ask their “own” mayor why and why they prefer staticity over the resources that the Development Pact would provide Ischia to address the critical issues related to transport? The absolute lack of ideas is obvious as is the existence of others, obscured by the public.

About 60,000 cars drive on the island’s arteries and if there are drivers who follow the CDS, there are others who do not know how to behave near a roundabout. The large number of cars, the deplorable condition of the roads, the inattention together with the carelessness added to the municipal police’s non-existent checks, especially in the absence of men, are the main causes of accidents;


If little has been done, it must necessarily be said that those who are used are the best and the one who goes further is only a visionary and a “philosopher”. Increased control of roads and speed cameras could have positive but partial and limited effects. You can agree with the mayor of Ischia when he says that we must stop talking about ourselves and that we must be operational (which is not just about road safety). He’s right. What is needed then is a model change, just to not talk about it. The premise that follows is an “incorrect coffee” dated August 2016. Maybe someone has deliberately forgotten it. It focuses on the need to create a single local police force among the municipalities. Following the trail had meant that interest was affected [anche] of “power” to change them in favor of the island’s interest. In the meantime, six years have passed and nothing has changed. Another sign of habit and road [del buon senso] that [non] we have been educated and are still at risk of failure. Introduction 2. During all the time that has passed for at least forty years now – and continues to flow unmoved under our noses – we should have understood a lot. Since the child learns that he can burn himself if he puts his hand on the fire and does not listen to the parent who warned him, to whom he is conversely urged to (not) do certain things, we do so as well. To the experience and study of our society with its changes, the parent’s part. The warning directed both at administrative policy and at public opinion, which has meanwhile become passive, has always been to deepen and improve the collective interest. If it did not happen, it is partly the fault of the local media. Although there have been those who not only founded them, showed courage for difficult companies, but also created opportunities to stimulate change on a pluralistic and confrontational platform, something obviously did not work. For the media that should have contributed to the building of a collective and critical conscience of the citizens, corresponds to the same “mission” that we can today attribute to the other side of the coin and together the problem that counteracts it. based on the inability to develop a critical analysis of facts. Therefore, if there were those who were stimulated to change course, this has remained unheard of. We have the same difficulty today. To return to the experience, there have been signs that we have not yet learned to recognize, and how. We have preferred to repeat a model without reflecting on the real possibilities for improvements according to epochs and economics. A result that translates into the eternal expectation of a local messiah, produced in turn by a localist mentality that reflects small shop interests instead of uniting to grasp the unique fruit of a territory as a whole. If you have a hard time believing that, just look at medical care or transportation or garbage collection. Why is there not one and only one fundraising service? Have you ever asked yourself? The state of emergency remains in the same position as before, that is, nowhere, and in the meantime it does not occur to us that it would take very little to take a different path. The issue of taxis, I have talked about it several times, is just one of the themes. To respond to the criticism, I said that it is better to set up a single regulation instead of the six that govern the service and to consider the island as an exclusive economic area; break down the administrative boundaries and lower the tariffs that should correspond to the possibility for operators to make a large number of trips on the island without restrictions. In addition, there is a lack of overview both for public transport and for the protection and controls on the roads. Stop. This part is important. Many cars drive on the island’s arteries – there are more than 60,000 – and if there are drivers who respect the highway laws, there are others who do not know how to behave near a roundabout. The large number of cars, the poor condition of the roads, the inattention together with the carelessness that the municipal police’s non-existent controls add to, especially in the lack of men and means, are some of the main causes of accidents. An engraved. Carabinieri and the Police, who are recognized for their enormous efforts, cannot take on all the work that would be up to others. That said, a 28-year-old boy lost his life last week while riding a motorcycle.


An engraved. Carabinieri and the Police, who are recognized for a huge effort, can not take on all the work that would be up to others, so we need a real local police.

Okay, he was without a helmet but that’s not the point. His death is added to the death of others, which we should in fact consolidate our experience over time. A signal that risks being unheard of like the other lives we have lost and we will risk losing in similar circumstances. Do we realize that this condition can no longer be tolerated? Especially if the island, according to the optimistic forecasts for the future, more than ever will be the destination attacked by increasing tourist flows, from Europe or the USA as well as from eastern countries. In such a perspective, it immediately seems to rethink and reprogram everything. It goes without saying that in order to engage and integrate the work of the police forces, there is today more than ever a need to “find” a local police force with expertise throughout the island. With administrative police functions (building, health, urban, commercial, environmental, etc.); legal; way; civil protection and public security assistance functions, would guarantee a capillarity that does not exist today. To do this, there must be the will, but first, it must be the result of a growth process that must be foreseen rather than undergone. Each municipality’s individual officer could assist the manager who will have the task of “creating the new local police”. We need someone with a different view of reality and the ability to immediately adapt to the scenario in which they operate, as well as competent. A name you can ask for. The paratrooper general and attacker Marco Bertolini, former commander of the Operation Command Vertice Interforze, the Special Forces and the Folgore, retired for just over a month. A general, not to wage “war” as the superficial reader may mistakenly believe, but to turn a “thing” that today does not make sense, other than to “pay the salaries of the traffic police, vigilantes and aid organizations”, into an effective and trained local police. To delegate control of the territory and thus inaugurate a season of success, to know how to do and learn to live. And stop the shameful death list.
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